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Parachurch Christianity

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Bible Study

What is the Alpha Course?

What is Bible Study Fellowship?

What is Community Bible Study?

Who are the Gideons International, and what do they believe?

Who are the Navigators?

What is Precept Ministries?

What is Answers in Genesis?


What is Awana?

What is Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ or CCCI), and what are their beliefs?

What is Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)?

What is Dare to Share?

What is Young Life, and what do they believe?

What is Youth for Christ?

What is Youth with a Mission (YWAM), and what are their beliefs?


What is Focus on the Family?

Who is Bill Gothard and what is the Institute in Basic Life Principles?

What is Promise Keepers?

What is the YMCA / YWCA?


What is 119 Ministries?

What is

What is the Blue Letter Bible?

What is the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM)?

What is The Bible Project?

What is YouVersion?

What is

What is The Chosen, and is it biblically sound?

Is the “He Gets Us” ad campaign biblical?

Culture Impact

What is The 700 Club? Is The 700 Club biblical?

What are Chick tracts?

What is Evangelism Explosion? Is Evangelism Explosion biblical?

What is IFCA International?

What is the International House of Prayer (IHOP)?

What is the National Association of Evangelicals?

What is the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)?

What is the Good News Mission, and what do they believe?


What is the Acts 29 Network?

What is the National Council of Churches?

What is the Gospel Coalition?

What is the World Council of Churches (WCC)?

What is the World Evangelical Alliance?

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