What is the Good News Mission, and what do they believe?

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Question: "What is the Good News Mission, and what do they believe?"

The Good News Mission is a ministry in Seoul, South Korea, that began as a missionary school in the late 1960s. It continues to train and send missionaries and pastors; currently, they have 600 missionaries, half of which are serving overseas in areas other than Korea. The Good News Mission also hosts conferences and operates broadcast facilities, camps, the Mahanaim Cyber College, and a youth intervention ministry called the International Youth Fellowship (IYF). The ministry has been led by Pastor Ock Soo Park since 1972.

The Good News Mission is Trinitarian, Reformed, and appears to teach salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. And, as a mission, it naturally places a strong emphasis on evangelism and reaching the lost.

Several controversies surround the Good News Mission. Some people, including some pastors, have left the group and call it a cult. One criticism of the ministry is that it emphasizes original sin to the exclusion of personal sin, to the point that a Christian never need confess personal sins—they were all forgiven at the cross—rather, the Christian should only confess that he has a sinful nature inherited from Adam. This comes very close to the false doctrine of sinless perfection and contradicts the teaching in 1 John 1:8 that Christians still sin. Most other complaints involve the extent of Pastor Park’s control over the organization.

As with any organization, we should compare the doctrine and practices of the Good News Mission with what the Bible says and approves. Enough concerns have been expressed about the Good News Mission that one should be very wary and discerning about becoming involved with the organization.

A critical review of the Good News Mission:

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What is the Good News Mission, and what do they believe?

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