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What is the Acts 29 Network?

Acts 29 Network audio

The Acts 29 Network is an association of churches with a united mission and goal of planting churches across the United States and the rest of the world. A lot can be learned from looking at a church’s mission statement, or statement of vision, and also the doctrine and principles they believe in. Good churches will be very transparent about this, and have this information readily available for any and all to see. This is the case with the Acts 29 Network:

The name of the organization comes from their belief that, although there are only 28 chapters in the book of Acts, “God is at work today continuing the building of His church and expansion of His kingdom through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The Acts 29 Network seeks “to follow in the pattern of Spirit-led and Scripture-directed church planting and evangelistic ministry that began in the book of Acts and has continued in every age since through God’s faithful servants.”

The Acts 29 Network is a biblical organization in the fact that their main emphasis is church planting and evangelism in accordance with the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. Theologically, the Acts 29 Network is evangelical, missional (missions-oriented), and Reformed. Acts 29 Network churches are known for having a heavy focus on evangelical systematic theology and Calvinism.

The stance taken by the Acts 29 Network definitely possesses biblically sound foundations for a Christian church in the world today. The Acts 29 Network appears to be taking the same avenue and mindset with church planting as it is with discipleship—it is a ministry of multiplication, which is why it is a "network" or corporate organization. When used for this purpose, the network of churches can be very effective in quickly establishing new churches, in terms of logistics, money, resources, and personnel. Yet another positive aspect is the way the Acts 29 Network conducts formal and informal training for lay people and anyone involved in the ministry.

Each individual church in the Acts 29 Network would have its own uniqueness, just like any other denomination or organization. Overall, in terms of vision, doctrine, and belief structure, the Acts 29 Network is biblically sound. We see no reason why a Christian should not prayerfully consider attending an Acts 29 Network church. As with all things, we always recommend that Christians prayerfully seek God’s wisdom (James 1:5) and take the time to learn firsthand what an organization/church is all about.

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What is the Acts 29 Network?
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