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What is Dare 2 Share?

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Question: "What is Dare 2 Share?"

Dare 2 Share (D2S) is a non-denominational youth ministry that trains teens to share the message of Jesus Christ with others of their generation. Dare 2 Share understands that many students leave the church after high school. With that in mind, the organization is convinced the answer lies in changing the focus of youth ministry from “reactive and entertainment-based to Great Commission-driven and Scripture-based.” This is accomplished via impactful and high energy training conferences held nationally. Dare 2 Share also provides evangelism and discipleship training resources for students and youth group leaders. Many of their resources are available free of charge.

Dare 2 Share teaches teens to use the G-O-S-P-E-L acronym to remember the core message of salvation. It helps teens share the life-changing gospel with their friends.

G – God created us to be with Him (Psalm 100:3).
O – Our sins separate us from God (Romans 3:23).
S – Sins cannot be removed by good deeds (Romans 5:8).
P – Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again (Romans 5:8).
E – Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life (John 3:16).
L – Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever (John 10:28).

The Dare 2 Share statement of faith is biblically solid. In summary, Dare 2 Share believes that the Bible is inspired by God and that God exists as a Trinity. They believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His death upon the cross and subsequent resurrection, and that salvation is only available through Him. They also affirm the eternal life of the saved and eternal punishment of the lost, and that Jesus will return personally and visibly to the earth.

The ministry began in 1991, but really took off following the 1999 Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colorado. Greg Stier, the founder of Dare 2 Share, was a local pastor, and the tragedy served as the pivotal turning point in his career. He resigned from the pastorate and began to pursue Dare 2 Share full-time. He is now the president and also speaks at the Dare 2 Share conferences.

In addition to information about the organization itself, the Dare 2 Share website has links to free resources such as webinars, devotions, articles, evangelism instruction, and the like. There are various materials for sale, as well, such as conference curriculum, books, audio CDs, t-shirts, and accessories. We recommend the Dare 2 Share app as a helpful resource for teens to understand the Great Commission and how to share their faith with their friends.

Dare 2 Share is a Bible-believing organization with a mission of engaging teens in sharing the Christian message via age-appropriate training and resources.

Recommended Resource: The Dare 2 Share

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What is Dare 2 Share?

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