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In order to help those of you who would like to reference our articles in an academic setting, appropriate citation formats using MLA and APA can be found below. Guidelines are based on standard usage of these reference systems as of 2013, and should be checked against your institution's particular guidelines as appropriate. We are using our article on "What Happens After Death?" as an example.

"What Happens after Death."

"What happens after death?" (n.d.). Retrieved [insert date of access formatted: March 1, 2016], from

Chicago Style:
"[Article Name]," Got Questions Ministries, accessed March 4, 2016, [Full URL]

All other reference systems:
We do not publish the names of our writers or provide the date published, but all systems have instructions regarding citing a website without author or date, so search for "no author, no date" in the reference system you use, and usually something will be available.

If for some reason you are absolutely required to give the name of the author, while he is not the author of every article on, for citation purposes, you may reference our CEO, S. Michael Houdmann.

Why doesn't give the names of the authors of its articles?

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