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What is Community Bible Study?

Community Bible Study audio

Community Bible Study is a program that provides in-depth Bible studies that take participants verse-by-verse through whole books of the Bible. There is emphasis on application of the Bible in the participant’s personal life. Community Bible Study welcomes people from all backgrounds and levels of Bible knowledge.

Community Bible Study began in the Bethesda, Maryland, in 1975 at Fourth Presbyterian Church. Over the years, the program has expanded to hundreds of other geographical areas and is used internationally as well.

The program has denominational respect, meaning Community Bible Study concentrates on the essentials of the faith, not denominational differences. People from various churches are a part of the program who come together to study God’s Word. The program seeks to develop leadership skills in their attendees, enabling them to serve more effectively in their individual churches.

Children are also encouraged to study God’s Word through the Community Bible Study student program. Community Bible Study provides a safe environment for babies, toddlers, children, and youth. Children usually study the same passages as the adults so that families can discuss the Bible together.

As with any Bible study program or ministry, we encourage all participants to compare the teaching of Community Bible Study to what the Bible says (see Acts 17:10–15). More information regarding Community Bible Study can be found on their website.

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What is Community Bible Study?
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