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Rites and Ordinances

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What is the importance of Christian baptism?

Does the Bible teach believer's baptism/credobaptism?

What is the origin of baptism?

Is baptism the New Covenant equivalent of circumcision?

What is the symbolism of water baptism?

What does the Bible say about infant baptism?

Should a new believer be baptized immediately?

Should we be baptized in Jesus' name (Acts 2:38), or in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)?

Who is permitted to baptize / perform baptisms?

What is the proper mode of baptism?

If a person wants to be baptized, but is unable to be immersed into water due to being ill, disabled, elderly...etc. - what should be done?

I was baptized unbiblically. Do I need to be rebaptized?

Are baptism classes biblical?

What does the Bible say about how to get baptized / how to baptize?

Is baptism in the Old Testament?

Can I get re-baptized as a “spiritual refresher,” even if my first baptism was biblical?

Why should I be baptized?

What is the purpose of baptism?


What is the importance of the Lord's Supper / Christian Communion?

How often should the Lord's Supper / Communion be observed?

Who is authorized to oversee the Lord's Supper?

What does the Bible mean when it speaks of the breaking of bread?

Why is there so much disagreement about holy communion?

Should communion be open or closed?

Is intinction the correct way to do communion?

Is the observance of a first communion biblical?

Is it acceptable to have communion outside of the church?

Should wine or grape juice be used for communion?

Why is the real presence of Christ in the Lord's Supper such a controversial issue?

What is the spiritual presence view of the Lord’s Supper?

What did Jesus mean when He said, “This is my body, broken for you”?

What did Jesus mean when He said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood”?

Is a virtual/online communion service biblical?

Who can take communion according to the Bible?

What is memorialism? What is a memorialist?

What does the Bible say about communion?

Does a church have to use unleavened bread for communion?

The Sabbath

Does God require Sabbath keeping of Christians?

What is the Lord's day?

What is the Sabbath day?

Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath?

What day is the Sabbath, Saturday or Sunday?

Why do Christians worship on Sunday?

What is Sabbatarianism? What is a Sabbatarian?


What is the difference between ordinances and sacraments?

Is baptism required before a person can receive communion?

When should children be baptized and/or allowed to take the Lord's Supper?

What does the Bible say about altar calls? Are altar calls biblical?

What is baby dedication? Is child / baby dedication biblical?

Is christening in the Bible?

What does the Bible say about Christian confirmation?

What does IHS mean?

Laying on of hands - what does the Bible say?

What is the Book of Common Prayer?

What is a lectionary? What is the Revised Common Lectionary?

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