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Church Identity

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What is the church?

What is the purpose of the church?

What is the meaning and origin of the word church?

What is Ecclesiology?

What is the definition of ekklesia?

What is the difference between the universal and local church?

How is the church the Body of Christ?

What is the institutional church?

What is ministry?

What is the global church?


What is a denomination?

Why are there so many Christian denominations?

Why are there so many different Christian interpretations?

Which of the 30,000 Protestant denominations is the true church of God?

Which church is the true church?

What is meant by High Church and Low Church?

What are the mainline denominations?

What is a non-denominational church? What do non-denominational churches believe?


When did the church begin / start?

What was the first / original church? Is the original / first church the true church?

Is the Catholic Church the mother church?

What was the Protestant Reformation?

What is the Church Age? Where does the Church Age fit in biblical history?

Is the idea of a state church biblical?


Why should I believe in organized religion?

What is religiosity?

What is the difference between the visible and invisible church?

What is the rock in Matthew 16:18?

What does it mean that the church is the bride of Christ?

Is there supposed to be only one church?

What does it mean that there is only one baptism (Ephesians 4:5)?

What is pastoral theology?

Who is the head of the church, biblically speaking?

Does a person have to attend church to go to heaven?

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