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Church Culture

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Clergy and Laity

Is the distinction between clergy and laity biblical?

What is a cleric?

How can a church survive / recover when a pastor leaves?

How can I show appreciation to my pastor?

What is a pastoral search committee?

Is the priesthood of all believers biblical?

Are we supposed to obey our pastors?

Should Christians judge the teachings of their leaders?

Does a person / ministry need a spiritual covering?

When is it right to criticize my pastor?

What is the danger in gossiping about your pastor and his family?

How should the church deal with gossip?

Health and Growth

Why do some churches thrive while others die?

What does the Bible say about church growth?

How can I recognize a healthy church?

What is church planting?

What is sheep stealing?

Why are so many evangelical Christian leaders caught in scandals?

Can restoration occur after a pastor has been caught in a scandal?

What does the Bible say about division?

What is a sacred cow?

What is church culture? What contributes to the culture of a church?

The Building

What is the importance or value of a church building?

What makes a room or building a sanctuary?

What is a chapel?

Is a multi-site church biblical?

When is the right time to build a new church building?

Is an online church service a valid way to do church?


What does the Bible say about church discipline?

How should conflict in the church be handled?

What is excommunication in the Bible?

What is disfellowshipping?

What does the Bible say about shunning?

How should sin in the church be handled?

Why is it sinful for a church to cover up abuse?

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