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Why doesn’t allow comments on its articles? comments

In this age of blogs and social media, many people expect, and sometimes even demand, the ability to post comments to online content. Numerous people have questioned why does not allow comments. There are two primary, interrelated reasons:

(1) The comments would have to be monitored, moderated, reviewed, and approved. We are a ministry that seeks to provide biblically based answers to spiritually related questions. A comments section that is filled with vulgarity, spam, and/or false doctrine would be counterproductive to our mission. Anyone who has done any posting on social media is well aware of how quickly an online conversation can turn into a nasty, offensive, and unproductive argument.

(2) With well over 12,000,000 visitors a month, there would be a tremendous number of comments for us to review. It would likely take a full-time employee, or possibly more than one, to moderate, review, and approve the comments to appear on the site. We definitely do not have the funds for this, and even if we did, we can think of far better ways to invest those funds for a much greater impact.

Ultimately, we are, not If people want to debate Christian, biblical, and theological topics, there are countless online forums with that focus.

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Why doesn’t allow comments on its articles?
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