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Does GotQuestions.org have any affiliation with Ronald L. Grossi?

Got Questions Ministries has absolutely no connection to Ronald L. Grossi, the self-described internet evangelist. Ronald Grossi is a forum spammer. He visits forums completely unrelated to the Christian faith and creates posts, presenting the Gospel and often linking to other Christian websites. Often, unfortunately, it seems that he includes a link to www.GotQuestions.org in his posts. Please let us assure you of the following:

(1) We have absolutely no connection with Ronald Grossi. We do not know who he is and, as far as we know, we have never had contact with him.

(2) Ronald Grossi does not have our permission, endorsement, or consent to do what he is doing.

(3) We have never encouraged Ronald Grossi to make posts in forums. We have never encouraged anyone to make posts in forums...period.

(4) We have repeatedly attempted to contact Ronald Grossi to ask him to cease posting our web address. However, the email addresses he posts with are always invalid.

If you arrived on our website due to a Ronald Grossi spam post, we apologize, but we had absolutely nothing to do with the posting in your forums.


The Staff at GotQuestions.org

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Does GotQuestions.org have any affiliation with Ronald L. Grossi?

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