Why does GotQuestions.org allow advertising?

It would definitely be our preference for there to be absolutely no advertisements on www.GotQuestions.org. At this time, however, we have decided to allow advertisements from other ministries/Christian causes that we can in good conscience endorse in order to help supplement the donations we receive.

Currently, the advertisements provide almost enough income to cover the salaries of our employees. We see this as a positive thing, as it allows us to dedicate donations to the specific work of the ministry.

Also, we are very selective in regards to what advertisements we allow. We would never want an advertisement to detract from the value of the site. If you ever notice an advertisement that is inappropriate, or in any way contradictory to the message of the site, please let us know.

If you are interested in advertising on www.GotQuestions.org, send us an email at questions@gotquestions.org.

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