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What is an Ahab spirit?

Ahab spirit
Question: "What is an Ahab spirit?"

An “Ahab spirit,” or the “spirit of Ahab,” is a specific type of demonic presence suggested by those who think demons are the primary cause of all sin and struggle. The belief in specifically named “designer demons” is especially common in some versions of the Charismatic faith and among those who promote so-called deliverance ministries.

King Ahab was the husband of Jezebel, and their story is described in the Old Testament. Ahab was among the most depraved of Israel’s kings, allowing his wife to establish Baal and Asherah worship throughout the land. Those who believe in an “Ahab spirit” use the personality traits of the real Ahab to imagine demons that inspire similar character flaws in people today. According to some, the “spirit of Ahab” deals in fear, cowardice, apathy toward evil, and weakness of will. Others associate this demonic presence with childhood abuse, feelings of isolation, or a lack of confidence in one’s salvation. Still others blame a “spirit of Ahab” for men who abdicate leadership in their families, allowing their wives to take control.

It’s apparent that, in the demonology of some, the “spirit of Ahab” is associated with a wide variety of problems. Some of these problems duplicate or overlap those of other spirits, assigned names such as Jezebel, Absalom, Kundalini, or Delilah. The main problem with the idea of an “Ahab spirit” is that the Bible never teaches it. Such named demons have more to do with a Christianized mythology, given a thin veneer of Bible references, than with the truth of spiritual warfare. When something has little connection to truth, it’s prone to wildly scattered opinions.

The Bible does not support a convoluted mythology of spirits or demons assigned to various sins. Neither a “spirit of Ahab” nor the other names associated with demonic deliverance are based in sound biblical reasoning. Obedience to God, prayer, and discipleship are the only appropriate ways to deal with spiritual problems.

Recommended Resource: Angels: Elect & Evil by C. Fred Dickason

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What is an Ahab spirit?

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