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What is a Delilah spirit?

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A “Delilah spirit,” or “a spirit of Delilah,” is a concept held in some versions of the Charismatic faith. Applying a thin veneer of Scripture and engaging in enormous amounts of speculation, those who believe in so-called deliverance ministries may point to a “Delilah spirit” as the cause of a host of specific ill effects. References to a Delilah spirit are more common among those who think demons are responsible, one way or another, for virtually every instance of sin or suffering.

In Scripture, Delilah was a woman used by the Philistines to destroy Samson, the judge of Israel. In exchange for money from the Philistine leaders, she manipulated and seduced Samson, coaxing him to reveal the source of his supernatural strength. Delilah’s subterfuge worked, and Samson was captured, blinded, and eventually killed by the Philistines. Based solely on that story, those who believe in a “spirit of Delilah” suggest there is a specific type of demon that primarily works through sexual persuasion, scheming, and greed. Those who are being tempted in those ways and those who are using those sins to ruin others are considered under the influence of a “Delilah spirit.”

The “Delilah spirit” is often assigned characteristics similar to those of Jezebel, such as pride, vanity, or ruthlessness. Trying to clearly define what the spirit of Delilah is or exactly what it does is all but impossible. The concept is only vaguely related to the Bible and rests upon unbiblical assumptions about spirituality. One person’s beliefs about the “spirit of Delilah” might overlap, contradict, or duplicate those of someone else.

The Delilah spirit is akin to other “designer demons,” such as Leviathan, Kundalini, Ahab, and Python, that have been dreamed up by people who should know better. Scripture does not suggest that there is any such demon or class of demons as the “spirit of Delilah.” The Bible’s explanation of our spiritual struggles does not delve into such details. The convoluted demonological mythologies put forward by some Charismatics are unhelpful and have more to do with fantasy and magic than with the Word of God. The only meaningful answers to spiritual problems are found in discipleship, godly obedience to the Word, and prayer.

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What is a Delilah spirit?
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