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What is a kundalini spirit?

kundalini spirit

Kundalini spirit, or the spirit of kundalini, is a term linked to some versions of the Charismatic faith and associated with beliefs related to demonic oppression. In these highly speculative spiritual approaches, demons are considered the cause of almost every malady, particularly spiritual ones. This feeds the stream of so-called deliverance ministries, which seek to exorcise those evil spirits. By taking vague references to certain words in Scripture badly out of context, such beliefs invent an entire mythology of specific, unique demonic entities that actively cause their associated effects.

The term kundalini originally comes from Eastern mythology and religion. In Hinduism, kundalini is a serpent-like energy that supposedly rests in three-and-one-half coils at the base of the human spine. When a person performs the proper spiritual techniques, this spirit is stretched throughout the body in an “awakening.” This supposedly results in dramatic occurrences including out-of-body experiences, physical movements and sensations, hallucinations, and so forth.

Those who believe in a demonic oppression version of kundalini reference those effects. They then extrapolate the existence of a unique demonic entity, “the kundalini spirit,” or “the spirit of kundalini,” which is most often associated with ostentatious spiritual experiences. Some believers in this “spirit of kundalini” point to practitioners of holy laughter, drunkenness in the Spirit, or being slain in the Spirit as being under its oppression.

Some others suggest the “kundalini spirit” is one that tempts people to practice yoga, dabble in Eastern mysticism, practice Buddhist meditation, undergo acupuncture, or do just about anything associated with Eastern societies. In keeping with the concept of demonic oppression, many who believe in the “spirit of kundalini” suggest that contact with those ideas invites the attention and influence of that spirit.

Still others suggest that Kundalini is the name of the demonic being placed “in charge” by Satan over Eastern cultures such as in India or that kundalini spirit generically refers to any temptation to seek other gods, false teachers, and spiritual distractions.

There is a deep irony in this last interpretation. In and of itself, this approach to demons and demonic oppression is an unbiblical one. There is an extraordinary variety of beliefs about what a “kundalini spirit” is and what it does. This is a common feature of deliverance and demonic oppression “ministries.” The beliefs are based on so little (if any) Scripture and so much speculation and fantasy that there is no coherent or consistent teaching to be found. The functions of the “spirit of kundalini” as held by one person might entirely overlap with the behavior of other spirits, given names such as Leviathan, Python, or Jezebel, or assigned categories such as “water spirits.”

Scripture gives us no reason to believe there is any specific entity named Kundalini or that Christians have some specific ability to rebuke or exorcise it. Nor does the Bible indicate that we’re meant to diagnose spiritual problems in such a way. Whether or not some demonic entity is directly involved in a person’s spiritual struggle is irrelevant. Remedying the situation is not helped by inventing a mythology of demons and turning God’s Word into a sourcebook of wild speculations. Prayer, discipleship, and obedience to God are the only meaningful answers to spiritual problems.

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What is a kundalini spirit?
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