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Who wrote the book of Titus? Who was the author of Titus?

author of Titus

The author of Titus is none other than the apostle Paul. Titus, classified as a Pastoral Epistle, was addressed to an early companion of Paul. In Titus 1:1, Paul unequivocally identifies himself as the author. He affectionately calls Titus his “true son in our common faith” (Titus 1:4), highlighting their close relationship. Titus often travelled on Paul’s behalf, handling assigned responsibilities (see 2 Corinthians 2:12–13).

Although not much is known about the man Titus, he played a major role in the growing church. The themes woven throughout the letter addressed to him include the qualifications of elders, the importance of sound doctrine and good works, Christian conduct, grace, salvation, and the peril of false teaching. The epistle offers invaluable insights into how faith influences life’s myriad decisions.

Paul likely composed Titus in AD 63, following his release from his first Roman imprisonment. Paul and Titus had gone to the island of Crete, where Paul left him to lead the church there (Titus 1:5).

Similar to other Pastoral Epistles, the authorship of Titus has faced opposition, with some scholars questioning its authenticity. The issues raised revolve around differences in style and subject matter. Those who reject Pauline authorship of Titus say the letter was written by one of Paul’s followers in his name.

The objection is serious, especially since Titus is a personal letter. A general epistle can be pseudonymous and retain some measure of authenticity, but if someone else formulated a personal epistle in Paul’s name, it would be nothing short of a forgery. Fortunately, the objections to Pauline authorship of Titus are easily resolved. For example, Paul may have used an amanuensis, accounting for stylistic differences. Paul also wrote his pastoral letters later in life, which would explain the different subject matter and even different style.

Criticisms notwithstanding, the traditional view that Paul penned the book of Titus remains well-founded. Paul was writing to his co-worker and dearly beloved spiritual son. The content remains vital to believers today, reminding us of the importance of sound doctrine, the purpose of grace, and a proper ecclesiology. In a world rampant with false teachings and errant theology, Titus serves as a necessary reminder of the truth.

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Who wrote the book of Titus? Who was the author of Titus?
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