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Featured Testimony

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your service to so many, including me - via the information you provide online. It is so easy to use and enjoy, and so accurate, from a scriptural standpoint. The information you provide to believers like me is very much valued, appreciated, even treasured. Thank you all for the sacrifices you make to serve so many!"

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for you ministry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled something (and then I always just put “got questions” at the end) and it comes up with some excellent article from you guys. Especially lately, when I’m looking stuff up, I think “eh this probably isn’t on there, it’s such a little detailed thing” but WHAM! you guys have an answer for it! For example, this morning I was reading Matthew 22:44 and it references Psalm 110:1 and I read that first verse “the Lord said to my Lord” and I thought “well that’s kind of an odd phrase I hadn’t heard before” and well I googled it and of course you guys have an awesome, thorough, detailed, clear-to-understand write up about it. I also love that it’s a group of you all that author and review the content, so there’s always multiple points of view and it’s not just, say, one person giving you their thoughts on everything - instead, the articles always come across as a peer-reviewed, refined, and maybe even debated (healthy!). And I also love that when scripture isn’t 100% clear on a matter, you just say “some people think this, some people think that, and scripture isn’t 100% clear so both are reasonable interpretations”. Ok I’ll stop blabbing on and on but I just want you guys to know that you have a big fan here and I reference your material all the time for teaching at church (Sunday school, Weds night kids classes, etc.)."

"Thank you for this ministry. I read from Got Questions almost on a daily basis. Ever since I blocked social media this has been my best substitute and a very good one indeed. I am a 24 year old male Christian and I love asking questions. As a young child, I'd ask my dad endless questions and he loved to answer them. My dad passed away when I was 9, though, but at his funeral he left a special message just for me that said, "I hope you never stop asking questions." So 15 years later, I am still asking tons of questions and having not grown up in a church but meeting Jesus at 18, you can imagine I had so many questions about Him, the Bible, apologetics, theology, etc. I found plenty of answers through lots of books and Christians, but Got Questions has been a wonderful source to ask a wide range of questions from core doctrine such as the Gospel or curious questions such as "Does God have a sense of humor?" With my knowledge of the Bible, theology, and doctrine, I appreciate how Biblical each article is. I love how each question is very well thought out and supports answers with plenty of Scripture verses. I just love that even though I can't ask my questions to my dad anymore, I can ask them through this ministry. Of course it's not the same, but it is a blessing to exercise my curiosity. I thank God and thank you for this ministry and wanted to share a bit of my life with you to show how God has used your ministry in someone's life like mine. God bless! It'll be delightful to meet each other in Heaven."

"Lost without your answers...I discovered Got Questions a couple of years ago. I started taking Bible study classes and realized that I really didn’t know much at all about the Bible and I struggled to even understand many of the scriptures that I read. I find this site extremely helpful and the explanations provided are so thorough. I am grateful God led me to your website. Please know that your work is appreciated and reaching the masses."

"I thank you and everyone involved in this ministry/website for the passion you have for answering questions as accurately as possible based on God's revelation of Himself through the Bible. Over the years, time and again, your website has proven to never shy away from difficult subjects like sin, righteousness, and judgement - but has also given comfort in the truth of His love, mercy, and grace. I always cautiously approach any Christian website; but my mind is at ease when the answers come from (all glory to God). May you never compromise the Truth and stand FIRM until Christ's return."

"Congrats on reaching 750,000 answers! You've been a tremendous blessing in my life. I visit your site every day and I'm impressed with the wide range of subjects you cover. You always put the Bible first and I respect you for that. This is a truly unique ministry and I can't wait to meet you in heaven! God bless!"

"Thank you! That’s it. Just wanted to say thank you for this ministry. I had no idea who you were, but invariably I would run across your webpage over the years on a search and usually with my guards up. I always like to hear the opposing viewpoints, but gotquestions kept agreeing with Scripture. Funny, because I thought it was Catholic and I finally thought, okay, this is not a Catholic answering. I was an alter boy once so I know. Lol. I love the Lord, I love His Word. I ended up on your site and it cemented things. I felt like the Lord led me to your website as I searched. Long winded, but lastly I am not one to make these statements normally. I benefitted from your hard work and owed you a thank you. I will make it more substantial in the near future. Thanks again."

"Just wanted to thank you and your team of many writers for ministering to people including myself by answering questions with biblical responses we can trust. I visit your website often to gain biblical insight on various matters. Got Questions ministry is a wonderful blessing to me."

"Hi there, I have been using your website this year and I just wanted to reach out and tell you thank you. It is such a trustworthy and awesome resource for the flock that is desperate for a shepherd. I know Christ is the ultimate Shepherd, but you have been feeding his sheep faithfully through your website. I deeply appreciate you and everyone else at GQ for the time and effort and dedication to the word of God, and the time you spend making it available for everyone online. The amount of research and effort spent doing that must be a lot. Please know that your effort is not in vain and it’s doing such a good service for God’s people. I read a quote the other day by Martin Luther that said (I am paraphrasing), “God doesn’t need your good works, but your neighbor does.” So as your neighbor I deeply thank you for this good work and I will be praying for you and everyone who works and contributes there. I also pray that though my words here are simple, they will convey the depth of my gratitude for the breath of fresh air you provide when Christians are looking for faithful teaching on God’s word that is built on the foundation of Christ. Thank you so so much! I plan to start contributing financially with a monthly gift tomorrow. Please let me know if there is anything specific I can be praying for for you / the GQ team. Your appreciative neighbor and loyal reader."

"I just want to say how thankful I am for your website. There have been so many times I have questions and needed a biblical answer or clarification. And/or sometimes searching and wondering if I had the right answer. I knew I could always go to your website for biblical clarification or biblical backup. But I have seen things and heard things that Christians have done or should know or should not do, etc., and have found the biblical answers from your website! I am a Christian, I am 70 years old and have been serving the Lord for some 48 plus years and I admit that still today, that I don't always have the answers, but I know where to go for those answers, first and foremost and that is straight to the Bible! But I have also found that I can just go to your website and know that I will get truthful answers and/or clarification on those questions! Especially in these dark times that we are living in...I need discernment more now than ever and I need answers to speak to those who are so desperate and lost in these troubling times. But I am eternally grateful for our wonderful Father God for using you in such a way that has a mighty impact in this world today! Again, thank you and many, many blessings to you and Got Questions site!"

"I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you for your ministry. I have been extremely blessed and have grown in my knowledge of the Lord, as well as my faith because of your website. It is a blessing to be able to find answers to biblical questions so quickly, and to know that the information is biblically accurate. With the abundance of false biblical interpretation that takes place in our culture, your ministry shines as a light in a dark world. Thank you!"

"I am finding that I use increasingly for background on a variety of topics related to the Christian faith. I also observe what seems to be a maturing, and increased breadth of coverage over time. These things are of value to believers and no-doubt to others who are either just curious or are seeking the Truth. Thank you for your excellent service and ministry. Blessing to you and your staff."

"Thank you so much for all that you and your team at GotQuestions do; all of the time, energy, and discernment that is put into every thoughtful article is definitely noticed and so appreciated. It is very refreshing to engage in a source that my family and I can trust when seeking information on a subject, or just reading for fun to learn about various topics. The Lord has allowed both my wife and I to use the helpful information in anything from our educational journeys personally through college and graduate school, and spanning to both of our ministries that we engage in with leading others. I pray, just as Paul had expressed to the Galatians, that you and your volunteer staff do not grow weary in the good work that you are doing; may the Lord fill you all with His strength and wisdom as you lead others to Christ, and continue to proclaim His truth to all who are willing to read it. Thank you! Blessings to you!"

"I discovered this website about a month ago and it has helped me greatly with my Bible study. I have been going through the Old Testament and of course have had multiple questions every chapter and this resource has been such a blessing! I have also used it recently in helping a friend who is struggling in their faith to try and answer some of the questions they are wrestling with. I believe the website’s answers were convincing to her and I appreciate how straightforward, yet informative they always are to better communicate what I am unable to clearly lay out myself. Your team is doing a wonderful work for the Lord and I wanted to thank you for bringing God so much glory through what you do and by being faithful to what the Bible teaches as truth."

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate “Got Questions”. It would be hard to put into words how much I have learned from this app. I use it almost daily and have shared it with many others as the most valued resource I have ever used. The explanations and detail in your answers truly have helped me on countless occasions to be able to understand and be better prepared to share God’s word. Thank you again. I wish you much success and pray that this app continues for countless years into the future."

"I have come to say thank you for your work and ministry. It has impacted in my life tremendously. My spiritual growth has been rapid, more than I imagined. Thank you for the efforts you've put in presenting the truth about God and the Bible to the world. It's a whole lot of work you and your team have put in. With heart full of gratitude, I say a big thank you. Keep up the good work, there's a crown laid for you."

"I am an 81-year-old senior and have been a Christ follower for many years. I love the Lord and His Word and have been privileged to serve Him in several capacities over the years in the churches where we've lived. One of the areas of ministry I enjoy is leading small group Bible studies and digging deeper into God's Word. Your ministry has been such a help in finding answers to many questions. Not just my own questions, but also questions of others. I love the way you dig into things in a deeper level and your answers are always Christ-centered and so truthful and helpful. It's a blessing to have a resource like yours to fall back on. Thank you for all the help you've been and may God continue to bless and use your ministry in the years ahead."

"Your site changed my life. Leading me out of the endless deception of google searches and leading me to read the actual Bible where I learned about discernment. Later, it changed the life of my spouse as well. For someone who was full of questions and truly lost, this site was a game-changer!"

"I don't have much to say apart from thank you. has been such a huge blessing to me and I felt the need to write and tell you this because I have been so spiritually enriched. I just pray that the Lord may continue to bless you all with knowledge and in that way we are also blessed. Blessed be His name also for giving me the opportunity to donate to your site. All my love."

"Hello! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all this website and ministry has done. Myself (28) brother (33) mom and dad (both 59) were saved and brought to know Jesus Christ as Lord less than two years ago. Since then, I can't begin to state how much GotQuestions has been able to help us in our walk with Christ in diving deeper and understanding aspects about Christianity that otherwise are difficult to comprehend or very vague and hard to understand. Our Lord has truly used you all in a beautiful and profound way to help young Christians like myself and family walk the narrow path and understand God's word clearer and clearer. God's blessings and peace to you and everyone who contributes to this ministry. Thank you. Shalom."

"Just wanted to say thank you for your website and all the efforts to stay in step with the Bible. As a parent of three between 18-20 years of age I’m constantly concerned about all the pressures the world puts on my family and I’ve been using your website to help my kids find their way in life. It’s been an excellent resource for my family and I. Thanks a bunch."

"Good afternoon, I just wanted to send a quick thank you. I stumbled upon your site after completing a google search regarding Revelation. Since that day, I have returned to your site frequently seeking biblical answers and just refreshing my knowledge on some of the people and stories in the Bible. Your site has given me some peace with the difficult times our country and world are in. It has brought me closer to God and I intent to continue building on this with prayer. I just wanted to let everyone know, at Got Questions, that your ministry is changing lives for the better. Merry Christmas, from a better Christian, today, than yesterday."

"Once again I found the answer to my Bible question on “”. Just wanted to thank you and your staff for the remarkable work you do in providing a plethora of accurate, vital, and easy-to-understand resources for Bible questions. I have been teaching women the Bible for over 30 years and I often refer them to your site, or print out answers to our questions from your site. Extremely helpful! Thank you again for all the very hard work your org does in researching, compiling, and producing accurate and user-friendly material to assist Bible learners at all levels of spr growth. A tremendous ministry that has a centrifugal impact upon people’s lives far beyond you could ever begin to imagine!"

"Many a time in the quiet of the wee hours near midnight or in the early dawn hours during my quiet time I have had questions. I stumbled upon your website several years ago and ever since when I have searched for biblical answers I always look first for Got Questions answers. It has been a blessing! It has helped in clarifying my questions with logical BIBLICAL understanding. Often the answers lead to further studies of relevance, fleshing out my understanding of the original question. It has helped me learn to think more clearly about issues I sought answers for. Thank you to the team that sifts the Word of God to answer questions posed by seekers of God’s truth in all hours of the day and night! Thank you ALL! God’s richest blessings be upon you and your families."

"Hey! I just recently found your website and YT channel. Thank you SO MUCH! The info is presented in an easy-to-understand way and is always backed up by Scripture, which I appreciate. I cannot tell you how much your group has helped me in my walk with the Lord. Thank you to everyone for their effort and willingness to share their knowledge. Take care!"

"I am impressed by the concise clarity, quality, accuracy and precision of your site's answers. I must say, I agree with 99% of your answers. I cannot say that about any other theologian or organization. Your organization is truly blessed by God. You stand out as a light on a hill shining a bright light on the dark underworld of the internet where all kinds of wacky things are said about God and the Bible. I so appreciate you and all that your members do for the cause of Christ. Thanks."

"It must be said, that my appreciation for your ministry is great. Many times I have learned more about The Word, when I researched your site. Let it be said. Your ministry has been endowed by Almighty GOD, no matter what the perpetrator may say. I am learning something new, every day while researching GOD's Word, so thay I may be an encouragement. Thank you for allowing GOD, to choose you in this way! May GOD continue, to Bless you Follow His Way. Thank you!"

"Thank you for all that you do here in this ministry. Before I was born again, I would read articles on this website to answer questions that I had. The Holy Spirit led me to the truth after reading some of your articles. As a result I recognized that I was sinner and I wasn't saved. From there my journey began and here I am today saved and following Christ. I once was one way, and now I am completely different. Thank you, and most importantly thank God."

"I have begun turning to "got questions" in relation to both my my own devotions and occasionally as part of my prep for leading a small group men's Bible Study. I have found your (and/or your associates') writing to be clear, coherent, concise, snd very "user friendly". Thank you for seeking and responding God’s call. I am grateful to you and your staff. God bless you!"

"Dear, I cannot tell you how much this site means to me. I use it nearly every day to jump start a study or to get an answer to a question. Sometimes it a simple question that I cannot remember the answer to and sometimes it's harder. I have many friends who come from different religious and doctrinal backgrounds, and I am often having discussions about what the Bible actually says instead of what it is "felt" that it says. I often need an answer quickly to some random thing they heard somewhere. Seriously, this site helps me to walk with God and make a defense for the hope that is in me. Thank you to all those who seek labor to answer questions with biblical truth. I'm always seeking to learn more about God."

"I just want to say that I have enjoyed and appreciated your website for years now. I occasionally take turns in my men’s group, sharing insights on various scriptures and concepts, and your website is my first go to website for research. Your input and wisdom and insight are very much in line with God‘s heart and truth. I appreciate all the effort and time you put into expounding on God’s truths in a very understandable fashion; concise and well written. Keep up the most excellent work. We need you and love what you do. God bless your team until Jesus returns and beyond. Your brother in Christ. Please share this with your team. I could’ve said much much more."

"I just wanted to encourage you, and your GotQuestions team, for doing an excellent job in what you do to help build the Kingdom of God. I’m a chaplain. I use your app and website as one of my “go-to” resources when I’m helping others learn a Biblical concept or truth… especially “on the fly”. Its quick, easy, and on target for the question at hand. Again, thank you so mush for doing what you do, as it has definitely helped me do what I do in serving our LORD, and building HIS Kingdom. God bless you and yours."

"Please know that your work is making a difference! Your articles are spot on, well-nuanced, researched, demonstrate strong hermeneutics, and showcase firm doctrinal convictions. Please stay the course and press on for Christ. I appreciate your work."

"You may not have time to read this, considering all the questions you may receive on a daily basis. However, I would like to take a moment to encourage you guys. I’ve been using this website for a few years, ever since my church introduced me to it. I’ve used it for school, pleasure, church assignments, controversial arguments, and especially for how to love people intentionally. It’s been a huge blessing to my life. I trust your words, which are always based off of scripture itself. You cite scripture within your articles and write easy to understand and clear information. It’s a practical tool I recommend to all of my friends. Thank you for your work and your writings. You are flexible where the Bible is flexible, and firm where it is firm. I appreciate it."

"Hello! I just want to thank you guys for your amazing God given ministry and the impact that your ministry has had on my walk with Christ as well as countless other people. I love the Lord and I love to study the Word of God. I’m just passionate about His word. Your search engine for Bible questions has really helped broaden my understanding of God’s word and things about the Christian life. Ever since I started using gotquestions I have been hooked! I also commend you guys for using people who love Jesus and who are also trained and equipped to answer these questions. That’s so important. You guys are truly a blessing. I also use your commentary website (along with logos and with the help of God’s Spirit) to study the Bible as I feel God’s call on my life to teach His incredible Word (But I read His word to know Him as well). May our God and Father continue to use you guys to impact the world and to build His kingdom as you are already doing. May all that you guys do be for His glory and in His name. Peace and blessings to you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Amen!"

"Thank you from our family for making such a beautiful and full resource for us to use and to learn and to grow. God bless you for enriching our lives with so much truth and for helping us to teach our children the doctrines and theology needed to firmly root their faith. We have recently "thrown out the window" all of our previous poor theology that we have been taught our entire lives and your site has helped us to see the truth and what true doctrine and theology are. We cannot express fully enough how grateful we are for your ministry. May the Lord bless you in every area of your lives and of Got Questions."

"I'm writing to say thank you. Over a decade ago, I spent about a year answering questions for Got Questions. While I wasn't a new Christian, I was new to wanting to devour the Word of God as Good food haha. I had (still have) a great respect (almost a fear) for not wanting to lead anyone astray. I made sure that what I wrote was grounded in the Word. I appreciate the opportunity you gave me. I credit Got Questions with helping me to really dive deep into the Bible. I often learned right along with people asking the questions (some were really hard to explain!) what God had to say about certain situations and was often tested years later for answers I gave others (meaning, I knew what to do when some of those unfortunate things happened in my life). I can't say that I have arrived and, in fact, have just begun to see the manifold wisdom of God but I felt led to give honor to where honor was due and want to thank you and give honor for the role Got Questions played in my life. I also would like to pray that God would bless you with an abundant harvest in the years to come as I believe many will be seeking immediate answers about God as eyes are opened in these perilous times. I pray that your writers would be blessed with pinpoint and accurate wisdom to lead others to understanding God’s goodness and love for each of us. In Jesus Name, Amen."

"Hi, I write to tell you that over years now I refer to your material online. I am just an average Christian who loves the Lord and I seek to understand things. Your work has made undescribable difference in my life and walk with Him. I want everyone in your ministry to know that, even though you don't know I am looking at your GotQuestions questions and answers pages, apart from maybe only from web statistics, the difference your work makes is undescribable. It is absolutely the most important thing in my life. I am so grateful for the explanations of the verses and that you accept any question at all, personal or doctrine related. This is an unbelievable ministry and though I am on low income and struggle to buy enough food and cannot give anything, I am writing for a different purpose: so that you and everyone who works at GotQuestions knows that there are people whom you have never met and may never see but who absolutely are so edified and taught by your work and... I have no words, your work is so important. This ministry can never stop. Your material is filed in heaven. I just pray that you shall know how important your work is, you probably do, but you do not see the people who look at your pages on the internet. If you did, you would know in full. Thank you Lord for GotQuestions, what an amazing ministry of answers this is, Lord I know you love them so much, would you bless them and give them enough resources to carry on Lord. May they know what difference they are making, Lord give them your vision of the anonymous views on the internet of their work, may the importance of their work be made known to them even as they may never meet the people who read their work on the internet. Lord reveal to them the gladness in people's hearts whom they may never know or see, whose hearts are encouraged through the material they publish. Oh Lord, thank you for doing the impossible. In Jesus' name, amen."

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU, from the deep crevices of my soul. Over the years, I’ve grown to trust this site and it has become my go to for many many many questions. There has been absolutely nothing that does not check out and all the answered questions are all eloquently written. You have helped me so much through the years. I think the addition of the videos are great!"

"I wish that everyone would read the praise that I have to send to you. Whoever runs this outreach, ministry whatever you want to call it, thank you so so much! I truly have not found more Holy Spirit filled truth of powerful and truthful biblical interpretation anywhere else on the internet. The internet is absolutely plagued with all kinds of heresy and horrible interpretations that are just so false but your got questions ministry is so so so so good. God is using it and blessing it and I pray that it would continue to be used and blessed. Every single time I have a question and I am not sure how to find the answer or who to talk to about it or am looking for further biblical reference on unspecified ideas or to find a place where there is more contextual knowledge of the Bible than I know or have it is with you all. And I know you all probably get tons of emails but I have to say thank you! I am greatly appreciative and blessed that this information is available and exists for us. You people do great work whoever you are and I cannot say this enough - thank you!"

"I have had God in my life since last January. I just want to say that your website has helped me tremendously with all the questions I have had when reading my Bible. (I started in January and I’m currently in Luke.) Of course when I’m not completely satisified with the answers at times, I go to my pastor. Unbeknownst to him, your website has saved him countless hours of explanations, hahah! I also use your articles to help people who are just getting to know Jesus as well. I want to tell you, thank you for your digital ministry. After reading your bit about all the hate mail you get, I felt I ought to do my part and give you my gratitude. Not that you need it, for there is nothing more fulfilling as doing God’s work and pleasing Him, but I imagine its nice to get some appreciation now then. Thanks again for all you and your staff’s work!"

"Thank you for your ministry. I love to study the Bible. I go through the Bible chronologically, verse by verse, recording my thoughts, insights and perhaps re-writing what the verse means to me in my own words. This is just my personal style of Bible study. There are just some verses and sections which I get stuck, puzzled. I will Google and research other's insights. Your ministry consistently brings the most balanced, simple, practical yet still spiritual and profound insights and understanding. Thank you for this. Your ministry has clarified and simplified so difficult (for me) Bible passages. I thank God for you and your ministry."

"Thank you guys! The way you guys explain the Scriptures and answer countless questions has been a lifesaver! When I was getting clean and sober and I thought I committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because of my incorrect interpretation and lack of Context...It was your website that played a key role in me not taking my own life. Ultimately it was God, but I believe he worked through your website to convey a message of his grace and mercy. I used to suffer from blasphemous thoughts that I believed were mine, even though I hated them. I often felt like there was no way God could love me and that he had washed his hands of me. But it was through the answers of so many others countless questions plus the direct answers you guys gave to me (One of my favorite things about your website) that I was able to correctly interpret the Scriptures and really see God’s heart for what it was...The heart of a true father. God bless you and your team!!"

"I’m involved as a table leader at a Bible Church. The broad range of women who attend our Bible Study involves helping some of these gals get past hurdles from, quite frankly, legalistic false teaching. There are almost 400 women in this study from all kinds of religious or no religious backgrounds. I am not a seminary trained person, just one whom God equips to do whatever He calls me to do. I use almost daily to research questions I need to find answers for myself and to help these women get comfortable with this wonderful Book - the Bible - because most of them are intimidated by it. I forward what I discover on your website to them individually or as a group all the time. They have learned to ask me what “got questions” has to say, and several of them have ventured out to look on their own. I am so thankful to have a place to go that isn’t confusing, can pack the information needed into a couple of pages, and isn’t overwhelming for even the newest of believers. I also have to admit, that you make me sound way better than I actually am - I tell these women that because so many times a person leading in some capacity can also be intimidating. I want them to know that the Holy Spirit gives us what we need to serve, and that we are not the answer to anything, God is… I truly appreciate you being here for us. Believers are under attack and we need all the help we can get! Your friend in Jesus the Christ…"

"Sir, I just wanted to thank you for this ministry. Thank you for reaching out to me and others in a spirit of kindness and approachability. There are many godly men in my church I could reach out to, but this ministry is unique in that I feel the liberty to be more candid. I cried to God to help me with some basic struggles I've felt for literally years. And I felt a need and burden to find a resolution for these concerns and questions, I recently submitted, just to live my life in God’s peace and with a good conscience towards him. I simply googled something like 'be not overrighteous' and it took me to your website where I found an immediate answer that led me further to find the resolve I was looking for. Since then I've found a treasure of affirmation in the previous answered questions. I'm praying for you all! God is good!"

"Your website has truly been a blessing in my life. I was raised with the belief as God is just looking to strike you for every sin. I backslid for 11 years (worse years ever). A few months ago I came back to the Lord. And I'm learning He isnt some harsh ready-to-strike God. He is loving, merciful, and long suffering. I don't doubt my salvation anymore. I read the Bible daily, pray, and mediate in Him throughout the day. I refer to your website daily as a study guide. Thank you so much and God continually bless you."

"I have been using for years. I love how you display the evidence and let the reader decide on interpretations. I also love how you will still include what you guys think is the correct interpretation based on the word. So many websites are people's opinions and not grounded in the Bible. For years I wouldn't trust anything I read online about the Bible as I was unsure of what bias was about to be pushed on me. I have told so many people about your website. I cannot be more pleased with your work. A few weeks ago I discovered another great website called When I am reading I'll get random questions about what is actually happening in a verse. This website is amazing at explaining clearly what the verse is about and what is happening. I instantly fell In love. I have been using it nonstop since I discovered it. I went to the about page only to discover that it's you guys who are over that site as well. I am just blown away at your contributions. Thank you so much."

"Your ministry is easily one of if not the best ministry I have found when it comes to help with my walk with Christ Jesus. I really love how your ministry holds to the following passage: "Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother" (Romans 14:13, ESV). And I absolutely love how your ministry doesn't water down or pervert tough doctrines. Such as the doctrine of hell, God''s judgments that appear cruel and unjustifiable from an unbelievers perspective, etc. I also love how you not only have articles on other religions and what they believe in, but even proper approaches on how to witness to them. You guys are truly doing the Lord's work, and I pray your ministry is a prosperous one. I have shared this site with many people and even have your site bookmarked along with the Old and New Testament on my computer (LOL). God bless you all."

"I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for your website. It has helped me tremendously! It truly is profitable for teaching and I don’t say this lightly. I am always searching for biblical answers and studying to show thyself approved so that I can train up my siblings in the way they should go. Your website helps me to do just that. Whether it’s sibling rivalry, life after death, faith vs fear, or so many others I’ve read… it’s all filled with scripture! It takes time, prayer, and obedience to write each topic and words can’t express how thankful I am to God and to every one of you who are working heartily, as to the Lord. May God bless each and every one of you and may He continue to use your website to draw others near to Him."

"I just wanted to thank you for the work you do. This website has been very beneficial for me in my own walk and also with helping others. I have been sharing the gospel with Afghans in recent months. After sharing the gospel with an Afghan yesterday, he was looking for resources in Persian that he could use so I pointed him to your website. This morning (our time), he made a decision to invite Jesus into his heart. So amazing. Keep up the good work for God’s Kingdom!"

"I just want to say thank you for the work your ministry does. I cannot tell you how many times I have used your website to ensure I am examining something from a biblical perspective. The answers always point me to Scripture and are full of so much wisdom and discernment! Keep up the great work!"

"Dear Got Questions, I don’t have any questions - you have answered many many many questions for me already. I go to your resource often and find what I am seeking!!!! My reason for writing is to say THANK YOU for your ministry. When I was questioning, Got Questions helped me clarify my concerns. When I first became a Christian, Got Questions was there to help guide me. When I unknowingly joined a misguided church, Got Questions was there to help me see the error in its teaching and find a biblical church. When my small church joined a questionable movement, Got Questions helped me to understand the heart behind the organization. When friends have tough questions, I go to Got Questions for advice on where to start looking for help in the Bible. When my son-in-law and daughter were misled, I was able to refer them to Got Questions for clarity. They saw immediately the error and found a new church. I teach a women’s Bible study and refer to Got Questions often. I point my class to your resource. My heart is overflowing with thanks for your ministry. The thoughtful answers have given me a lifeline to hold in a sea of questionable sources. Thank you for being there again and again."

"I want to thank you for this awesome website. I have enjoyed coming to "" for several years. I use it for my own personal study and it helps me greatly with teaching my ladies Sunday school class. It has helped correct some misinterpretations that have been taught to me and other believers over the years. Just this week I had questioned what was put in the class material and wanting to teach it the way God intended, I was able to talk with two different pastors and read your answer and finally realized I had been taught incorrectly all my life. It's wonderful to know the truth. Thank you so much!"

"When I got saved in 2008 I obviously had a lot of things I wanted to understand and I stumbled upon your website. For a few months straight, I think over 20 months I went through as many questions as I could... I couldn't have enough of reading... I almost read all the questions I think... or maybe not :). But I would read the Bible, if anything didn't seem right in my understanding, I'd look up a question from Gotquestions... until I finished the whole Bible! God used your website to give me so much understanding! God bless you guys."

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your organization, Your website has helped me tremendously to understand life as a new believer through the Bible. I am so inspired! It brings me deep peace in situations when I am just at my worst. It helps me to understand how to stay on this beautiful path and know that I should. I can’t thank you enough! I am relearning everything I have been taught in my almost 42 years of living. Thanks to your website, it makes this process easier and less painful."

"I am one of's fans. The resources provided are a wealth of information in bringing clarity to my study of Scripture. I am writing to say thank you for this excellent site. Much appreciated! I work provide free journals equipped with Bible readying studyies. To me, Bible reading and journaling go together. I will be mentioning as a source for questions in my next batch of journals. I encourage my audience to stay away from devotional books and unfamiliar authors not vetted as we know there are many who call themselves “Christian”. When they are young these authors may shipwreck their walk; and they will only cause confusion if the author is “posing as a child of light.” I have found your site to be a trusted source. My next journal will lean towards a select group of valued trusted resources of books to read, which again, I lean towards your site for assistance. I have read most of the books quoted, but it helps me remember the names and authors. So, I wanted to thank you."

"I would like to thank & commend you for your work. Got Questions Ministries has been an invaluable resource for me in coming to know God & His will for our lives. Not to mention supplying me with answers to questions I have while reading through scripture. I can’t thank you enough. I use this website all the time. May God bless you & meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

"I just wanted to drop you a line to encourage you as an organization in your work for God’s Kingdom. I've found articles on your website solid in Christian doctrine and very helpful. In particular, I very much want to thank you for your video on suicide: it's helped me a lot. Hearing those words and the animation saved my life. To God be the glory for your work!"

"I just want to share what a blessing your organization has been to me. Hopefully you receive many other testimonies like this! The Holy Spirit cured me of a 60 year battle with depression recently. He filled me with so much agape love I am no longer tortured by rejection of family and friends in my life. No room for that negativity any more. All the glory to God! But I have spent the last few years utilizing your site to search for relationship issues and scriptures and Christian coping. Not only did you teach me how many scripture verses there are about relationships - but it led to my doing a lot more Bible searching - and getting to know the love of the triune God much more personally every day. That is huge! God has used you SO MUCH in my life! I praise God that He has led you all to such a wonderful ministry for all Christians, and I pray He will continue to as things get so chaotic and sinful in this modern world."

"Greetings in the wonderful and victorious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to take time to email and thank you for your wonderful ministry. I read and listen to many wonderful servants of God in addition to personal time in God’s word. But is the first source I visit when I need help understanding a passage or theology. You have been consistent in your interpretation of God’s word and I can tell you love the Lord and for that I'm very grateful. May God continue to grant you wisdom and use your mightily for His glory. Blessings!"

"I want to thank you and those around you for the mission you are performing! The articles I read help me to understand more about my Lord and to walk closer and closer toward Him. In addition, I am a Correctional Officer and I have the awesome opportunity and blessing to go cell to cell and handout copies of the articles I print out from your website to the inmates. One of our missions is to 'promote positive change in inmate behavior'. There is no better way to do this than to share the Way, the Truth and the Life with them! My long-term goal is to encourage other officers to do the same. I plan to discuss this goal with the unit warden within the next week. Please pray our sovereign Lord will cause this to happen. Thank you again!! May God bless you and everyone you touch. Jesus loves you!"

"Pardon the informality but I feel like we are brothers. I simply wanted to send you a note of encouragement. You have been, and you are being used, in so many people’s lives, by communicating simply God’s plan of salvation and theology. I will say though I have preached and taught many, many Bible studies over the years. For almost 20 years, if I was grappling to understand some theological issue or grappling how best to communicate it, I would often ask myself, 'I wonder if there is something on Got Questions about this topic.' I have often read your material during a sermon or class (but I always gave the credit to your website). All that to say 'thank you' and 'keep it up' to you. I pray that you be blessed."

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for providing this wonderful resource. I literally spend hours every week reading answers to the many varied questions. It is a much better and healthier alternative to scrolling social media! I feel closer to my Savior, stronger in my beliefs, and better focused on Who and what is important. When doing my daily Bible reading, I keep my phone close by with your website on my homepage. Your website is a great place to quickly and easily find answers to my questions or for clarification. Please keep up this great work. I fear that our country may not always be as Christian-friendly as it has been. We are going to need resources like Got Questions even more. You, your ministry, and those who work with you will be in my prayers! May God bless and keep you!"

"I feel deeply humbled and moved by these riches that you've shared with me. I wouldn't trade this grace that you've extended out of your own diligent work and study for any price. I just wept. I wept at the beauty of your words, the eloquence, the care taken, the time sacrificed, the kindness and compassion poured out to a complete stranger. No person could be that beautiful inside unless God was good. I now understand what the true riches of God are about, and I feel what you meant when you said these riches are not to be given away but shared. That is precisely what gave this so much value for me. Spiritually, I was feeling complete isolation and overwhelmed. How you managed to lift me out of that ironclad state with such gentleness and quietness in your soul filled me with assurance that not only is God all wise, but He is the very definition of sanity. It was not lost on me that everything you shared was based in the word of God and born out of your own dedication, hard work, and sincerity. I just wanted you to know that not one single word you have shared with me will go to waste. You were on the mark for me with every point that you covered. Thank you, I will never forget this. Thank you for ending my nightmare of a careless God for good, and for opening the doors to a new spiritual reality for me."

"I am writing this email just to let you know that I am very blessed and thankful for all the work that your ministry is doing. I appreciate the website itself and all that it provides in answering some very tough biblical questions. But I also appreciate the videos you put out on YouTube. Pastor Nelson and all the others do a tremendous job of answering the questions about certain biblical topics to which I have been blessed and have learned a lot. Please keep up the good work and may God continue to use your wonderful ministry in teaching the Bible. Thank you very much for all your labor and work in the Lord! God bless!"

"Simply the finest Bible resource I have ever come across. I appreciate the exhaustive, and yet concise way that "what the Bible says" is covered in a page or two on just about any subject. Issues are looked at from all sides...through the lens...of simply "what the Bible says...or doesn’t say". I sense or see no "personal opinions" or "axes to grind" but I do see and read honest differing views sometimes, and that is good! As a Sunday school teacher and church training teacher, I use at least 2 or 3 of your articles in every lesson. I often mail to my small group, or large group, a page or 2 or 3, when asked a question about "this or that" outside of class. When teaching a more lengthy study, I will make my 30-40 minutes of remarks, each week...and then send them home with a "packet" of several articles to "flesh out" and give deeper context. Then I tell them (kindly and lovingly) "this is what the Bible says (or is silent) about that...take it or leave it!" And they love it!!! If I tell them to read their Bible I sometimes have the nagging worry that they don’t, or won’t. But if I give them the general outline, and then hand them an article from will pick up their Bible and the article in question...and I have never had even 1 unfavorable response, or an "I don’t agree with that". the responses are always "well I didn’t know that" or "that’s not how I was taught before...but the Bible says it, so now I know the truth!" A prime example of this is the article on "pandemics". For obvious reasons I mailed it to my class and the response was universal across the board. "now we get it!"... "now we know how we as Christians are supposed to consider all this"... "enlightening and comforting"... I could go on for an hour...only eternity will show the benefits of the Christ honoring work you are doing. I’m convinced that if we could just get God’s people to read, just read the bible, or ask "what does the bible say?"...then the Holy Spirit will move accordingly. God bless, keep, and prosper your work!"

"Thank you for making the app free. You guys did a great job and I want you guys to know how much it has blessed me! It has truly changed my life forever! Your labor is not in vain keep up the good work because your reward is in heaven. He that hath pity on the poor lends to the Lord and that which he gave will be given to him again. May the Lord bless you as he has promised. In Jesus' Name, Amen!!"

"I am so happy to have found your website and what I have been able to learn from it and expand my knowledge from God’s Word. It is well organized and easy to flow through for a guy who is not very tech savy. God bless you guys for your website and the time you have devoted to it. Thank you."

"Just want to say, thank you for answering my question. You definitely help me walk deeper in my faith. The answers you have provided contain a lot of insight that I can ponder and study more about. And you even addressed the other question in the back of my mind. I think you answered it beautifully and helped me walk deeper in my faith. I think what you’re doing, answering open minded questions, based in our faith in Him, is amazing because sometimes when you are in church, people tend to be closed minded. And when faced with a question that sort of like shakes your faith, people just shrug it off and say "you can’t think like that." But sooner or later these questions would catch up to you either way. I thank God for your ministry. You have definitely helped bring one brother closer in his walk with Christ. I do believe God is God, not just in our close mindedness, but if He is God, then indeed even in all our open mindedness He is still God. Thank you."

"Praise the Lord. I am writing from Kenya. I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for You see I have grown up in church, repeated the sinners prayer more times than I can count and still felt so so far from God. In 2016 it really dawned on me that I may not have been born again... I started praying just one prayer 'Lord please I want a relationship with you, reveal yourself to me, I want to stop feeling this empty'... Now I understand He had begun a work in me and I cannot explain the extent to which my eyes were opened, I started reading and searching scriptures like how a very hungry person would devour food... I couldn’t calm down, the more I read the more questions I had... I don’t even remember how I came to, but since then I have had so many questions answered in such a sound manner, backed by scripture. I have grown tremendously, I am born again, I see God working in my life to make me more and more holy, my affections have changed, I am now attending discipleship classes and hope to soon be ready to serve the body of Christ wherever He would lead me. I thank God I am in a sound family of faith in Nairobi, the dctrine of my church is very sound, our pastors are faithful to the scriptures. I am just so delighted and at peace. I thank God for your entire team. May God keep guiding you and supplying all your needs. Praise be to our God."

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for all your hard work. Your service is very much appreciated. I came across this website 3 1/2 years ago and I’ve have been intrigued by it ever since then. Even if I don’t agree with an answer (which is very rare) I still can respect the input. I believe it is important to be unbiased as possible towards the Word of God and to give due diligence to it. This site focuses on just that. The explanations are important for new believers and "seasoned" saints alike. So I just wanted to say thank you for this site, and I pray the Lord continues to allow you to be fruitful."

"My youth pastor recommended your website to me almost two years ago in the midst of me being lost in my identity. I was using drugs but had been caught, and from there everything went downhill. I not only had lost relationships with my closest friends and my family, but had lost the very thing to distract me from the pain of knowing I had neither of those. But thanks to the way God speaks through your use of His Word and Biblical truth, I have been able to find so many necessary answers during my walk with God, and still continue to. My favorite answer is that to the question of “Should a Christian be radical?”. Often in America we try to balance acceptance and inclusion with the world and Jesus, but He said you can’t serve two masters. Your answer to that question spurred me on to want to be different so that they’d see Him in me. So thank you. There were times when I thought I could lose my salvation or that God’s love was conditional, but after quickly referring to your site I came to know His beautiful grace even more. Any time I question a subject theologically or personally regarding my walk with Jesus, I immediately go to your website and thank God after getting the answer. I hope you take some time after reading this email to just sit back and relax in the joy of knowing you are doing work that is pleasing to God. I’d love to meet you and be friends someday!"

"I just want to take a moment and thank you so much for this ministry. Thank you to all the donors who keep it running. Thank you to the chairmen and executives who had a vision for this great resource for believers. Thank you for the staff who work tirelessly to answer every question that is received. I struggled on and off with assurance of my salvation and depression for years and your website has been a tremendous help to me by presenting the gospel clearly and reminding me of the truth of Christ! I love this ministry so much! With deep gratitude."

"I just want to let you know that you have helped me so much in my walk with God. You have given me guidance and great informations I could never get anywhere else. Keep up the good work you and your team have done for the church. You have made significant changes in my knowledge of the Word, my attitude, and lifestyle. I am aware it is all the work of the Holy Spirit in us, but without us taking action, nothing will get done. I support your ministry wholeheartedly, know I am so grateful for your service."

"I just wanted to write an email to thank you and your staff for all the work that is done at GotQuestions. I have been a born again Christian for 12 years, getting saved as a 22 year old in a Baptist Church. I have since been active in church life but often struggled with commitment to God wholeheartedly. God has been challenging me recently to deepen my faith and knowledge of the Bible and I have found your website invaluable. It is often very difficult to find biblical information rooted in the word of God on the internet but when I found GotQuestions, I knew I had found my go to source for sound scriptural answers. I love how you do not shy away from difficult topics, which do not conform to modern society. I pray that you and your team can continue to glorify Jesus Christ by helping Christians like myself understand the scripture and deepen our wisdom in the ways of the Lord. Thank you brothers and sisters at GotQuestions and keep up the good work."

"Hello! I am reading the Old Testament for the first time and it can be quite confusing. While doing a google search regarding a passage in Genesis, I came upon Got Questions. Since that first question, which you explained so clearly, I have returned many, many times. Thank you for your thoroughly researched and easy to understand explanations! You’ve been a big help in my life. What a blessing!"

"Since my reaffirmation of my belief, faith, and rededication and reliance on GOD, CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT, I have read the Bible at age 66 for the first time in my life. I am now starting in Genesis again. I discovered, or GOD brought your site to me, as I truly don’t know how we found each other. It has been a blessing to me. I watch Got Questions on You Tube presentations as well as reading the emails. I have used your bank of questions continuously. Got Questions has been instrumental in my learning more and more about my salvation, my responsibilities, and the story started six thousand years ago yet still available to mankind today. CHRIST’s return may be today, next year, or a thousand years. It matters not. I am the Trinity’s slave and am ready to leave this earth this second to my savior as promised by our GOD. I digress. I wanted Got Questions to know, it is and will continue to increase my understanding of my salvation. If you make a statement that isn’t or can’t be backed up by scripture, then I’ll question your validity. As it is, you are soundly based in scripture. Your organization is GOD inspired. Thank you."

"I just thought I would send a note of encouragement to you folks. is, hands down, the best website for biblical questions and answers. I recommend you to any and all looking for answers ranging from concerns about salvation to church doctrine. Keep up the good work."

"I absolutely LOVE this website. After reading different articles over the last few years I have always found it to be thoroughly sound and consistently backed by Scripture. I also love the way opinions aren’t given and if an answer can’t be answered biblically then general godly wisdom is used along with relevant Scripture. If I ever have a biblical question, then it’s my go-to website. For this reason I like to make an annual donation and I’ve recommended this website to others. Thank you for all the work involved and the careful and prayerful answers given. I especially think in these last days of growing deception, especially within the Christian realm, it provides a wonderful backbone to learn and grow from as its solidly based on the Bible."

"I discovered your website last year and the discovery changed my life. I never knew about Jesus and Christianity until I found your website. I was reading all of the many answered Bible questions every day for over six months before I believed and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life has changed since my salvation. Thank you for creating the Got Questions ministrys and creating I feel blessed when I read your website and your website is how I learnt about Jesus and how I became saved. Best regards!"

"After having another question clearly, concisely, and biblically answered, I wanted to thank you. Thank you for always being my trusted go-to for answers that perhaps I should know, but don’t. I continue to seek, and learn, and I thank God for blessing this site for people like myself, who only desire the truth, and not some man’s twisted interpretation. Your way of consistently proving your answers through scripture and historical facts are found nowhere else online that I’ve seen. Thank you, and may God continue to bless all those involved."

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how very thankful I am for this website and all of your writers. I grew up in a "Christian" cult so it is vital for me to learn what God’s truth really is. I do rely on the Bible for this, but helps to solidify the biblical truths in my mind as the writers sum things up very effectively. This website also helps me to deal with specific heretical ideas I’ve had and that I run into sometimes. Thanks so very much for the answers that are so solidly grounded in the bible. Thank you for spreading and defending God’s wonderful truth! It is so needed!"

"Perhaps you get a lot of these messages, but I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful website which you provide. I can assure you that it is reaching people and helping them greatly. I lived 12 years of my life as a somewhat militant atheist fueled mostly by teenage angst and bad information. Anyway, about a year ago my horizons started to open up a little more, and your website was an instrumental part of my conversion. It helped me initially grasp many things in the gospel that I had struggled with and it answered so many questions that I had, in an easy to read, efficient manner. It was an amazing blessing for me, and exactly what I needed at the time. I really question where I would've been, if the start of my journey had not largely included your website. I just wanted to thank you all for what you do, it is making a difference in the world, I’m very grateful for it, and I refer other people there now also."

"I am writing to simply thank you for your site. I am a Christian, but I am also a very inquisitive and curious person by nature. Your website has been such an amazing tool for me throughout my Christian walk since I discovered it about a year or so ago. I love that I can find the answers to just about anything I may think of pertaining to the Lord’s Word, His laws, etc. The explanations are always very thorough and backed by scripture. Your website has been a huge blessing to me, and countless others I am sure, and I am immensely grateful."

"I have read some articles on your website and it has answered some of my questions and cleared my doubts. Some of your articles have made me come back to Christ. I have been backsliding a couple of times as I have been going through difficult times lately. There were even darker days where I had planned to take my own life. Thankfully, the love and mercy of Christ Jesus convicted me to stop what I was doing. I am alive today to send you this letter and hopefully alive for the days to come. With this, I would like to express my heartfelt grattitude. Keep up the good work. God bless you and may Christ be with you always!"

"I wish to extend my gratitude to you for assisting me in figuring out my faith. I am 13 years old, but I have doubted Christianity since the age of 4. From the age of 4 to the age of 11, I was sticking with my religion out of fear. Fear of what would happen after death if I turned away from God, fear that I would die early in life if I turned away from God, fear that my life would be less fortunate if I turned away from God. When I turned twelve, I went full-blown agnostic. For an entire year, I gradually drifted away from God. After the school year ended, I resolved to determine my faith conclusively. I examined the evidence on both sides of the argument. I can legitimately say that I almost became an atheist. But then I stumbled across your website. And what I discovered through your website completely changed me. All of the arguments that the atheists proposed were rebutted. Genuine proof for God and Christianity was provided. I ultimately realized that my faith had been correct all along. I now feel much more fulfilled than I did previously, and I am now confident that God exists and that Christianity is the only way to approach Him. I will continue to use your service when I need quick biblical answers. I hope you will continue to educate those misguided by their false beliefs and religions. I cannot thank you enough for the service you are doing on the behalf of God! Keep up the good work!"

"I just wanted to congratulate you for the tremendous success has experienced over the years! Congratulations! I proudly support you all. I have been following you guys and gals since early on in your development. The story behind your evolvement in this effort is incredible. The improvements in operations have been steady and the state of the organization today appears to be highly successful and growing like crazy. The global impact both in evangelization and Christian growth is unprecedented. The web site design works wonderfully well and is most efficient. This all is a God Thing; no question.

I know for certain your work and the site have and are a tremendous blessing and a learning, maturing in Christ experience for me personally. I trust your analysis and positions on everything! I share them all the time. Your theology is sound and you are always carefully to give God the glory He so richly deserves. In Googling questions and matters, I find your approach is always well thought out, trustworthy, wise, succinct, backed up by Scripture, and to the point. What a blessing! It always separates itself from the pack in every way!!

And, lastly, your humbleness in not desiring to promote yourself but rather promoting the Way and the Truth is setting a great example of Christlikeness for us all. May the Lord continue to bless you give you His direction, and may you always listen to and follow Him. Praise be to Him, for He is worthy."

"To all those who contribute to, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and to explain how your work has contributed in the lives of our family. My husband has dissociative identity disorder which was a result of severe, sustained child abuse. He triggered in 2013 and was away from our home for 9 months. God was with me like never before and I couldn’t have endured the situation any other way. God brought him home to me in 2014. He was almost dead, but the first thing I did was take him to a church that had been praying for us. He gave his life to Christ that night. During the nine months from home, he was charged with theft; even though he took nothing from the store, he was with others who did. He was sentenced to prison in 2014, even with the presentation of his mental health diagnoses.

His incarceration took me on a journey I would have never chosen for myself. During his absence from our home, I lost my employment; I can tell you poverty takes an enormous amount of effort, but God has always been there. There have been times I have driven 8-9 hours to see my husband behind glass. Other times I have driven 5 1/2 hrs to see him just to be able to hold his hand, which I was unable to do for nearly two years. People who have never experienced having an incarcerated loved one often do not understand. Having a mentally ill incarcerated loved one can be even more taxing, but God is always there.

This is where comes in. I write my husband often and include different things that may edify him about a variety of things; he has not had the educational opportunities I was blessed with. One of his favorite things is when I include your articles (citations always given). He doesn’t have access to a computer, but maybe someone checking his mail may be inspired! You have answered questions he has as a new believer. You have given me answers I have had much of my life. As in the story of the 10 lepers, let us always remember to thank those who bless us."

"Thank you so much for your ministry! I have been meaning to send this email for quite some time. Save for Got Questions, I am unsure where my faith would be today, as I am a very pragmatic person, constantly exposed to numerous atheist and anti-God arguments as well as doctrinal questions. As I prepare to attend a secular university after completing private Christian high school, I am sure that I will be using Got Questions almost incessantly as I try to reach my confused generation. Got Questions makes it so easy to spread the love of Christ intelligently! I am beyond grateful that you obeyed God’s calling and created your ministry, and I will pray for your strength as you continue to provide excellent resources for those searching for truth. Thanks again!"

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ministry. I have been down in the dumps and your site is such a blessing. I reference it all the time and it is so balanced. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your vision for this site has helped millions; it has been such an enormous God-send for me. THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU!"

"I just want to let you know that your website has answered many questions about Christianity that have puzzled me for years. Thank you and your entire team for everything you do. Your answers are both logical and well written, and have helped strengthen my personal relationship with Jesus. I particularly admire the way you do not shy away from tough questions."

"Hello. I have read your articles for several years, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your ministry. I cannot tell you how many times you have helped me at times when I really needed an answer. I don’t know how often you are thanked, but you deserve to be. I love your well thought out answers and the compassion and biblical truth you combine so well. Thank you, thank you for what you do!! God bless you!"

"I just wanted to come by and tell you truly what a blessing your site is to me, as a new Christian. I used to stress out so much and understand so little. It was also very hard to find trusted resources. I come to you almost every day with questions and I don’t think I’ve had one yet that you didn’t have a well-written and honest answer to. Praise the Lord! I would love to know, as well, if there is any way for a newbie to get involved! God bless each of you for the work you do for the sheep!"

"Thank you. You will never know how much this site has helped me... I have a ton of learning disabilities...I stopped reading the Bible because it was so complicated for my learning but as I sit here in my room tears rolling down my face all I can do is just say thank you thank you Jesus! I am so grateful for this site for sharing the truth about who Jesus is. I now know it is the Holy Spirit that lives within me that is providing me the answers that I seek.... Thank you so much and God bless you. I pray that you can be even more effective in the future. God Bless."

"A sinner’s testimony - I was very discontent in my life, always seeking satisfaction from a guy I was dating, or other guys in general. I was ungrateful, selfish, egoistic, self-centered, rude to others, and had hatred in my heart. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home per se, my parents and I went to church every blue moon, they prayed at times, and acknowledged God’s existence, but I wasn’t raised in a strong Christian faith. My parents were fun, but strict, and they used a lot of profanity (also being surrounded by other family members who cursed just as much), strongly believed in corporal punishment, and sometimes would use threats on us (children) to get their point across. I didn’t go to church a lot, maybe 4 or 5 times a year. I knew a lot of things about God and Jesus growing up, such as God created everything, Adam and Eve were the first humans created, Jesus died on a cross for my sins. But I never knew why. Why did God create us? Who were Adam and Eve? Why did Jesus die for my sins? What are sins and where did they come from? It was a lot I didn’t know, and I didn’t really care to find out about. It wasn’t until college, maybe the end of my freshman year, after being exposed to firm believers in Christ, when I finally wanted those 'whys' answered. I started researching questions about the Bible and Jesus, when I come across a website called! This website answered every question I possibly had about Christianity. I can’t remember what question I came across, but this question explained the fall of humanity, redemption, forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, salvation-found in Christ, and Christ alone by grace through faith. I remember reading that over and over again, and it was then that I threw away my questions and my doubts, and decided to trust in Lord with my life. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the end of the question (oh, this was in January of 2015!) and a number of emotions began to play in my head. I was scared, excited, anxious about how the future would turn out, but I knew I didn’t need to worry anymore. It might sound crazy that Jesus spoke to me through a website, but apparently that was His way of opening my eyes and my heart to receive Him. I really wanted to share my testimony with you! Hope you enjoy, and thank you!"

"I found your site by random accident a few weeks ago. I don’t quite remember what I was looking for, maybe something about end times...then I found your website. Everything changed that instant. Although I have always believed in God and the fundamentals of the Christian faith, I have never felt a true part of it, or that I could be worthy of being saved. I have tried at different times during my life to accept my savior, but it scared and confused me more than anything, and unfortunately I continued to live a sinful life. But now, thanks to the Lord and your wonderful site, I am on a different path! I have a long way to go but I am on my way at last. Thank you!"

"You guys are awesome! About a year ago I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior but I hit some roadblocks along the way. I started losing faith and I was trying to believe in God but I wasn’t able to have strong enough faith to believe in God. Then one day I found your website. I was amazed at your answers and how I was able to find them myself in the Bible, the Word of God. I was also amazed at how much of the Bible is still relevant today. I started reading the Bible and I was amazed at how much God loved me. I never really had a strong relationship with God but when I found your website and started reading the Bible, I almost cried because I felt the love of my Heavenly Father come into my soul and I could feel his presence and the love that he felt for me because he created me in his image. You guys without a doubt helped me believe in God and become a Christian and I hope that I too will be able to spread the gospel and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and help people feel the love of Christ. I pray that I will be able to meet you all in Heaven and that God will bless you with many things. Keep on doing the good work that you’re doing! God bless you all and have a safe and happy holidays!"

"Hi, I really couldn’t find any other way to let your website team know how much the Lord has changed my life through your website. Man, I love you all!! I was a person who needed facts and a lot of references..... and all my questions were answered WITH references from the word of God!! Which is awesome because if the references weren’t from the Bible then I wouldn’t accepted your answers. God bless this team and I just wanted to let you know God is changing people lives through your website! Opening the eyes of the people from all different religions and even atheists. I went from finding a way I could die to being baptized and having a new life - never feeling so alive. And because I had so many questions about life I didn’t understand but your website showed me that all the answers are IN THE BIBLE!! that I have my Bible - I will join my brothers and sisters in building God’s church! All glory to our Lord Christ Jesus!"

"I am a 16 year old boy and I would like to just thank your ministry so much for helping me with many questions about the Lord and who He is, as well as other questions about spirituality. I feel as though if I am finally able to live freely in Christ because I have been shown who He is. Thank you so much!!! I attend Young Life which is affiliated with my school (although it is not school sanctioned) which is a ministry where teenagers can come together into fellowship, and I feel as though if my questions which have been answered through my Young Life leaders, and I also feel as though if it were the Holy Spirit guiding me through my questions. But this only happened until I had taken the "Leap of faith" so to speak. I grow up in a Jain household, as my family are practitioners of the Jain faith. (Jainism is an ancient Indian religion if you may not know) But because I am able to live freely in Christ, it gives me so much joy, and I realize now how we use religion which separates us from God. All religions that do not claim Jesus is God are sets of rules. But I understand now the meaning of "It’s not a religion, its a relationship!" which before seemed like one big cliche to me... Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!"

"I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank your ministry for coming along side my personal Bible studies and the many questions I have struggled with. I am now in a Bible believing church that teaches through the Word. I grew up in a Church where they believed most others were in error and I never questioned nor grew. I have had quite a struggle leaving their ideology behind, but really reading and studying with renewed heart and focus on finding truth our whole family has grown so much! I really wanted to point out that the resources you offer have been really valuable on this journey. Seeking this new life the past 11 years has really brought us from a religious standpoint and a self righteousness to a brokenness and a true need for more of Him everyday. Thank you again for your words of encouragement and offering of Biblical answers. Your ministry is lifted up in my prayers. Thanks again!"

"I would like to thank you so much for your website and the amazing range of questions and topics it covers and how thoroughly and truthfully they are addressed. I use it at least weekly and I am always so impressed. I find it to be the most trustworthy source on the internet for accurately interpreting Scripture. Especially for someone such as myself who has so many questions, it is an invaluable resource. I was raised Catholic, but then became an atheist for over 25 years. Finally, in my early 40’s, God opened my eyes and I am now a Christian (and quite shocked at the views I used to have). Because my faith is still new, I have so many questions and still have a lot of confusion knowing how to correctly interpret so much of the Bible.

I am grateful I have 4 brothers whose faith has always been so strong and assist me quite a bit with Biblical interpretation. Unfortunately, one of my 4 brothers, the one whom I had turned to the most with my Scripture questions, recently passed away unexpectedly from an undetected brain aneurysm at only 43 years old. I was devastated to lose my beloved brother and best friend, and seeing his two young sons and wife suffer losing their father and husband. I also have felt lost since this brother was extremely knowledgeable on the Bible and I was constantly turning to him for help with Scripture. Your website has been incredibly helpful and one recommended to me by another of my brothers after I had stumbled across it one day.

The GotQuestions layout is very easy to use and the links to related topics are so helpful. The relevant passages you site for Biblical references for each of the various topics are particularly important. I love the “Verse of Week” and “Question of the Week” that you have as well. What I find most helpful though, are the thoughtfully constructed responses to each question. They are always put in layman’s terms and yet explained in such a way to help the reader truly understand God’s meaning and reason. The background and perspectives you provide in helping explain the meaning of a certain passage are fantastic.

I also appreciate the respectful boundaries you set and assumptions you don’t make when the topic might be one that touches on areas in which it is impossible to know God’s mind, and you are not afraid to state so. I have never come across any other Christian and Biblical website such as yours. I am grateful God has given me the gift of faith through His Grace and I’m very appreciative that He has led me to your website to help continue building my faith. Thank you again, and please keep up the great work with this amazing resource."

"Hello Got Questions, I just wanted to take a moment on this beautiful day to say thank you so much for all you do for the Kingdom of God! Thank you to each staff member, volunteer, and anyone who has a part in serving and supporting in this ministry. God has used Got Questions to impact my life by providing a trustworthy resource that I can go to when I do not know what God’s Word says on a topic, when I need direction on a personal area of my life based on God’s Word, or when I just need guidance and someone to pray with me. You are making an impact for Jesus! Thank you so much for all you do!"

"I write to thank you and your team for all the work you do. I recently sent a question. I first received an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the question and informing me about the length of time it would take to receive an answer. I received a reply from Steve within the time frame. To you and the team, this may be routine but to someone out there who may be searching for answers, your website is a blessing. Also being able to read other questions and answers is also uplifting depending on what you need to know at a particular phase in your Christian walk. Though we may never meet, please be encouraged that there must be many like me out there who appreciate the work you and your team do. Please convey my appreciation to Steve who took the time to respond. May God bless and increase His grace on you all."

"I have told you in the past how wonderful your website is, but who really gets tired of hearing that? So, I have more I want to say to you. This is fantastic!!!! Permit me to explain what I love about your site.

1) Thank you for having the ability to listen to the article as well. What a fantastic idea!!!!! I know Christians that are not readers.
2) Thank you for the variety of topics. Clearly, there is no topic off limits. There is something here for every single person.
3) Great idea to list related questions below the article. It is like peeling an onion and one thing leads to another. Before you know it an hour (..or so) has gone by.
4) Your team explains things very well. As we know, sometimes reading the Bible is hard to understand.
5) Thank you for fearlessly tackling those difficult and controversial issues we face today.
6) Being that this is biblically based and the Bible verses are listed, this really helps me in my Bible study. I copy the article into my word processor with the hyperlink to the article and then bold, highlight and underline.

I just love this website and I am addicted to it. (I might need an intervention.) There is so much here. This is a gold mine. I usually find an answer to a question I have wondered about over the years. It is great to know someone else has asked the same question I have. This is my "go to" place. I cannot say enough good things about it. I am sure I will come up with more reasons why I love this site. Just wanted to encourage you and express my appreciation. God bless all of your staff."

"I have been searching through for various answers about faith and the Bible for a couple years now. I have found it to be extremely helpful in my walk with Christ. I know your website doesn’t replace God’s word, but it is a tool He uses to aid in understanding. For the last 25 years I have been dealing with some major depression and anxiety issues. I’ve even contemplated suicide a few times. In some of my darkest moments I turned to the Bible and your website for answers. I remember one night I was thinking about taking my life. That night I read an article on your site about suicide. I remember reading it with tears flowing down my face and dripping on the kitchen table. God used that article to speak softly to me that I really have not a thing to fear. Since then I have found a lot of helpful insights...and for that I give you thanks for allowing God to work through you and your staff. Thanks so much and God bless."

"I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am for the website, I am a Christian and I have had a relationship with our God since I was a child. I grew up in a church with my mum and my grandfather was the pastor. There are always millions of questions going on in my mind and I am deaf and sometimes hearing God’s Word in church is limited, but now God’s Word has become more accessible on the internet and phone app. I knew answers come in God’s time. Recently a friend asked me a question regarding souls. He is a non-believer so I searched for the right answer to tell him and I came to your site. Oh wow!!!! All the questions I have are there on your site!!! And now I just want to have the opportunity to say thank you. So thank you! I really appreciate all the work everybody does on this site that allows people to seek the truth. Sometimes seeking the truth straight from the Bible can be complicated and easily misunderstood. Now this site just explain God’s Word very clearly. THANK YOU!!!!!! May God bless you all richly for the work you do on the site. Brilliant job, just brilliant!! May God be praised on high!!!!!"

"Hello, I stumbled upon your website while doing a search on a difficult Bible topic. I found the answer provided was biblical, sound, to the point, easy to understand, and supported by referenced verses. I was so impressed! Since that first visit to your site, I have used "Got Questions" for SO many things, and I’ve told many people about it as well. (They have also come to appreciate what a wonderful resource your site is!) It is difficult to find orthodox resources that aren’t long and arduous to plow through. Thank you again so much for this wonderful ministry that you have provided, and for all the loving work your team puts in to honor the LORD by "rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15). You are blessed to be a blessing!"

"I just wanted to say how much has changed my views and given me straight and reliable answers to questions that have always concerned me in life. Recently, I have fully devoted myself to Christ after 27 years of my life. I grew up in a Christian home but deep down never really knew why I believed. I hit a low in my life with depression, negitivity, all sorts of bad things. Thanks to my beloved wife, I saw the error of my ways and fully accepted Christ and repented and what a life changer it has been. With reading my Bible, and using my faith has been straightened with solid answers to questions that have long been a wonder to me. To this day I tell others who have questions to use the site. I have heard multiple times that is has given them understanding of Scripture and thoughtful Bible examination. Never have I been more sure of my salvation and the Lord as my rock. I can rest assured to know my faith is in Him and proclam the word of Christ to all. Thank you for the wonderful database for people like me and others who find your scriptural answers so easy to understand."

"In 2001 I was unemployed and broken. I would visit our local library, desperate and hungry for answers. I typed unknowingly "God I got questions." What now is obviously divine involvement, your site, and only your site, came on my monitor. I asked 1,000 questions and received answers that were bread to my sould. I printed them out and took home what amounted to reems of answers and I verified every one of them with my Bible. I now give what I can out of gratitude. Thanks! Praise God!"

"This website is a gift to the Body of Christ. May God continue to bless the visionary(ies) and those who support the ministry of GQ. ALWAYS edifying, the entries establish a concrete foundation for apologetics for any believer (and non-believer! I KNOW GQ has been the vehicle for many conversions! Regardless of age, background, or spiritual maturity, GQ is a discipling tool, equipping the Body as it was designed according to Ephesians 4:12. You are producing knowledgeable layministers! Glory to God! I’m praying with and for everyone connected to this ministry."

"As I study my Bible, I’ve had questions about certain topics as they relate to scripture or the world. I have found your website to be very helpful in guiding my study, whether it be providing information from the Bible or various other resources. I personally want to thank you and your ministry workers for all that you do. It has been a blessing to me and I know you all are blessing others as well. Thank you!"

"I just came across your site and all I can say is, Praise Jesus!! Your site is awesome! It has helped answer some questions of mine and more importantly, allowed me to see and hear HIM more clearly during a very difficult time in my life. I can’t thank you enough. Many thanks, and many blessings. Jah lives!!"

"Thank you to the writing staff. A couple of years back a friend of mine recommended this website for guidance in my questions regarding theology that I felt no one was answering in a sound, biblical manner. I did not grow up in church but I had questions about why I believed what I believed. I researched so many things on and I often call it a rabbit hole because one minute you are researching what the trinity is and 2 hours later, you’re on an article explaining the origins of Isalm in comparison to the doctrines of Christianity. I explored subjects and questions that I had no idea people were talking and debating about. It absolutely blew my mind. It didn’t make me find answers, it made me keep asking questions to everyone I knew. Why were we not asking any of these questions of our churches, our pastors, our friends and even ourselves? Using gotquestions and of course my Bible, I kept asking more and more questions and I was finally able to find a home church and a pastor that assisted in answering my questions according to the Bible in context and presented sound biblical doctrine. My spiritual growth and knowledge of the truth which is God and the salvation of Jesus Christ has blossomed. I have even emailed a question in and had a response very promptly that pointed to nothing but the Bible and Jesus Christ and that is refreshing in a world where people give answers that point to something other than God and the Bible. I do not claim to know it all because I don’t and never will. I also do not want to treat gotquestions or my pastors words as the inerrant, infalliable truth. I still must test everything against Scripture which is the only authority and truth we stand upon. If anyone ever has a question that I have trouble articulating a biblical answer fully, I ask for the Holy Spirit’s help and also get guidance from my pastors and It is a blessing to have tools like this to help point people to back to Christ and the Bible in a way they are able to understand and comprehend. Many many thanks and blessings to you and the staff. Please keep doing what you are doing!"

"I gave my life to Christ tonight and God used your website in a powerful way to help me. To God be the glory! Thank you for being obedient to Him. I am eternally grateful."

"I would like to thank you and all the wonderful people that have dedicated their lives to this ministry. I have been a Christian for less than 6 years and have found the most truth on the Bible, God, and Christ Jesus in your ministry than any other place or through any physical church. All your answers and explanations are to the point and factual and most certainly Holy Spirit guided. I thank you and all who contribute to this website for accepting the call God has given."

"I would like to take a little time to say thank you to you and all that is involved in putting together. It is such a blessing to me. I thank God that He allowed me to find a place on the internet that is trustworthy in explaining His word. The site has helped me so much in my study. There are not many websites that I can trust. God is allowing me to start teaching a little in my church and your website helps me to put lessons togther. Again, I just wanted to say thank you and may God bless y'all richly."

"Hello, I just wanted to throw you a quick email to remind you guys how awesome you are. I’m not sure how many emails you get like this, but whatever it is, it isn’t enough. You do a great public service. Five Stars. Will Recommend. *high five*"

"I’m a lifelong Christian and such a lover of our Savior. I feel like I get bumps in the road and God has always helped me through them but just yesterday I was dealt a blow from a childhood friend that I never saw coming and it has been tormenting my spirit all day. I knew the answer to the answer 'technically' but I’ve been so troubled all day to the point of sadness that I haven't experienced even when I lost both of my parents within 6 months of each other. I decided to just google the problem randomly as to how a Christian should handle it and your site came up. Your answer was SO PERFECT, and concise and pure and loving and EXACT! I needed to tell you GREAT JOB for sharing the Word in such a great way! Thank you so much!! I know we’ll be meeting soon one day before our Lord! But meanwhile, please keep up the great work for everyone out here that has or old in the Word! They come up no matter what!"

"I want to thank you for your very lucid, well organized, and concise answers. They are very well put together, well thought out, and beautifully written. I find that whenever I have a question, I can find very accurate, reliable, and quite objective answers here on your website. Thank you so much for having this website and having the answers written so well. I cannot thank you enough!"

"I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your site as a resource. These days I am asking a lot of questions and am running into a lot of opposition online. Your site is extremely helpful and I can’t thank you enough. I prayed to God for answers to questions I have, and I see your site as a provision and answer to that prayer. It has helped me maintain peace. Thank you."

"Hello. I just want to thank you all so much for creating such an amazing site and source of information. You have helped me greatly reconnect with my faith in Jesus Christ and salvation. I was raised a Roman Catholic from a young age and drifted away from the Catholic Church in my teens as none of the teachings at church seemed to make any sense to me and I found it very difficult to relate to them. My Father was and still is a keen scientist and evolutionist and throughout all my childhood alongside me being raised as a Roman Catholic and taken to church every Sunday had educated me through all the theories of micro and macro evolution and the big bang theory. I was told these theories as if they were complete fact and at the time, that combined with my limited understanding of the Bible left my mind very confused as to God’s existence. All my life though I have never felt completely at peace and always knew something wasn’t right. I have spoken and prayed to Jesus on several key points of my life over the past 10 years but then my mind kept wrestling with the idea of all the modern counter-arguments to Christianity and what I had been led to believe is absolute fact about evolution. I have also spent a lot of time in the far east and have looked into the ideas and belief in Buddhism and spiritualism, but they left me without answers and without any clear direction or purpose. I feel I have never really understood the Bible or its message until now and your site is one of the main sources I have been using to find out more. I have been reading it every day for the past month and just can’t seem to stop! And this is coming from someone who is a really bad and restless reader! I am now looking at joining and getting involved in a local Christian community close to where I work and I am now proud to call myself a Christian. Thank you all so much and may God bless and guide your works!"

"I am from Pretoria, South Africa. I would like to thank you for a great website. Many of the questions I had in the past, people in the ministry could not give me a true explanation to my questions. When I discovered your website, I got answers to my questions and in great detail. Your ministry has truly been a blessing to me. I also have a greater understanding of the scriptures in the Bible. Each day I try to apply these truths to my daily life and I know great changes will take place. Keep up the good work in the Kingdom of God and I know Your ministry will bring about great changes in other peoples' lives. God bless you and your ministry!"

"I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful website. Your website has been very helpful to me and has caused me to dig much deeper in the Bible to learn more about God and in the last couple of days to share the gospel in a loving way to a couple of people about a very sensitive topic that we have been discussing. So I just wanted to say thank you so much for deciphering God’s word in such a way that is very comprehensible. May God continue to bless you and your organization."

"I just wanted to say a big massive thank you for your time and effort on answering questions about God’s way of life. This site has clearly, carefully and lovingly answered sp many questions about the path of God. It has increased my religious knowledge and is so quick and easy to access for those that want to increase their religious knowledge. I just would like to say thank you to those involved in this. Please continue the good work."

"For Christmas I was brought a Chronological Bible. I have never delved much in to the Old Testament until now, and it has thrown up MANY questions! And at times left me wondering if I know the character of God at all. My husband pointed me in the direction of your site, and it has been utterly invaluable in helping to discern in a clear and wise way what the scriptures are actually saying. To all who write the answers to all the questions, I want to say thank you, without this site, I think I would have been left very confused even a little disturbed about all the events in the Bible. The wisdom and knowledge in how the questions are answered is amazing and has made me hunger to read on knowing if I don’t quite "get it" I can find and explanation that will help it to become clear. The site is brilliant, thank you again."

"I really thank God for using you for His glory. Your online site helps me to express what I can’t put in words. It helps me to depend on the biblical point of view that would really be hard to me to construct if your page didn’t exist. We are truly blessed that there is a site like this that is Bible-based and it really does answer my questions. Sometimes I would get people discouraging me or going against me in my Bible based faith, and because I do not know much about the entire Bible, I can’t remember all the verses that I need to use to defend my opinion and because I do not know how to easily express myself ... I just go in your site and copy-paste it to people as my response. Your page really and tremendously helps me so much in so many ways. You will never know. I am very very happy, I am so glad that God used you to create this page. I pray that He will keep using you for His glory. May you always be blessed financially, spiritually, and physically to keep up with this page. I pray for strength and power to be upon all the members behind this great website. We love you. God bless. Amen."

"Just wanted to give a quick testimonial thanking you for your site. I’ve been co-teaching an adult Sunday school class in our church for several years. Always looking for good topics. I started preparing a list of 10 questions each week, from your site primarily, and submitting them by email to the class to work on before the class. We never make it past 3 or 4 due to discussion being generated. we’ve had some of our best classes with great participation that we’ve ever had! The class I believe has begun a greater hunger for the Word as a result. Thank you for hearing from the Lord...keep up the good work."

"Just wanted to say thank you to providing answers with depth and clarity. As well as providing clear and definitive explanations for terms. Many have lost meaning to me and have become jumbled and confused, especially terms like "Faith" and "Belief". You have been an incredibly enlightening resource on all things related to God and Christ, without being strictly legalistic or trying to woo me as a convert by resting your arguments on clear evidence, both biblical and extra-biblical. I find it really difficult to get a sense of bearing of my relationship with God in a time where there’s a million different ideas floating around about Christ, and honestly your site has put things into clear perspective, especially that I do not have to be an irrational, judicial and otherwise overbearing person, to be a follower of Christ. In fact, as I’m seeing now, it’s quite completely the opposite. Thanks again."

"I just wanted to thank you for all the insight and spiritual wisdom on your website. Thank you for being bold enough to put the information on the internet. Every time I have a mind boggling question, and can’t seem to find the answer in the Bible, the Holy Spirit always leads me to :) And the way you explain things is absolutely amazing (anointed). I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Have an awesome day."

"Hi there! I just wanted to let you know how helpful I find your site and I use it on a daily basis. I find that the answers to questions are always formed with biblical authority and correct doctrine and love. I admire how gotquestions always has an answer that is never judgmental to other belief systems but still stands on the word of God. Thank you for this site! I recommend it to all my friends! Love and peace to you!"

"I cannot even remember what it was specifically that led me to your site. I was looking up something about the Lord’s prayer. Then following the links at the bottom of the page, I went on and on to find more and more things that I found educational and more interesting. I don’t know how you would say it. I’m a newfound Christian? I’m 37 years old but only found the Lord two years ago. Finding a site like this I would have never expected. You helped me get a closer guidance to what our purpose in life is, and bring me even closer to the Lord. I cannot express enough my gratitude. Thank you and my God be with everyone of us."

"Hi there! I’m 17 years old. Sometimes I do get a million questions running through my mind as to why I believe what I do. And then I come up with reasons I shouldn’t or things that just don’t click in my mind about things in the Bible. Literally almost every question I have is on your gotquestions website. I find answers that I know are strengthening my faith. The fact that I can submit my own questions and get an answer within 1-2 days is amazing. I am so thankful I found your website! Keep doing what you are doing because my faith is strengthened each day when I have a new question and I find the answer. I also love that the answers aren’t sugarcoated. They are taken directly from scripture which ensures me that the answer I am reading is the truth. Thank you again! Have a wonderful new year!"

"I just wanted to take the time and thank for the wonderful service they provide FREE OF CHARGE via their website. Thank you. May God continue to bless each and every one of you with your ministry’s endeavor. I believe God sometimes sends tests our way or allows them to come our way when we have stuff on the inside of us that needs to be dealt with and come out. That’s what I believed happened to me about 9 years ago. Prior to that, I thought I was O.K. But one simple test proved that I wasn’t. I continuously prayed to God in many different ways and asked Him “What are You trying to tell me? What is it that You want me to learn?” I had too many questions to count, for I had about 1,000 different thoughts come through my mind all at the same time. The first thing I needed to do was to sort all of my questions out. I went to many preachers and many churches for help and asked questions, but none of them had any patience. Some gave up on me after 4 questions. Others gave up on me after 5 questions. I think the most patient preacher gave up on me after 25 questions. But has answered 1,000 of my questions and has been very patient and very generous with me. I think I have found out everything I needed to know and I think I am good and ready to go now; it seems like it. I could never have grown up bigger and better both spiritually and personally without the help that gave me. So, once again, thank you and God Bless You."

"Hello, I have been an avid reader of the articles on your site for a few years and simply want to say thank you. My deep and sincere gratitude to everyone who contributes to the ministry. I tremendously appreciate all the information and guidance Got Questions provides. Your truthful and thoughtful articles have greatly supported my faith in Christ! Praise God for this ministry and for everyone who supports it! Love, in Him."

"Hello, Gotquestions ministries. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the effort and wonderful support you are doing for people who are seeking Christ. I wasnt sure if I really was a Christian until I read an article you wrote about loving Christ. I always studied the Bible and prayed but I never loved Christ or God. Now that I accepted Christ and love Him for all that He has done, I feel like a new creation. I never felt like this before. But, I would not of found out that love was a requirement without reading your article. Some churches do not teach the importance of this. I pray that God continues to bless this ministry and I pray that all of you receive the peace of Christ. Thanks again for helping people understand the Bible for what it really is!"

"I want to thank you for this ministry and everyone that is involved in it. I am greatly encouraged by the questions and answers I see. They have been a tremendous help to me as I struggle with various issues. Thank you for your service to the body of Christ. May this encourage you and your staff."

"I continue to be totally impressed and must thank you for your superb site and excellent, truthful scriptural research you have done on so many different topics. It is always a delight to visit your site and it is true that whatever question I have had to this day, I was guided surely in the right direction through the great work you have done and provided free of charge! Thank you very much and may God continue to bless you and your ministry richly. Please feel free to forward this note of encouragement to your team members. God’s blessings on all of you! Greetings in Jesus’ name."

"I have questions that come to my mind when I’m studying the Word or reading books. Most of my questions are very specific and some are very deep and philosophical at times. When I have a question I type it in the search engine (I use Bing) and every time the best answer is found through your ministry. Usually you are the only place I get exactly what I was looking for. I just want to take time to thank you and let you know that you have truly enhanced my journey and walk with the Lord. I appreciate your obedience and the huge workload that must go into such a extensive database. God bless you all."

"I’m 17 and I’ve been a devoted reader of I stumbled upon it on Google one day last year and ever since then there hasn’t been a day I haven't read at least 20 articles. I even have the app on my phone so I’m always reading it. I’ve been in the church as long as I can remember and I want to preach the Word of God, whether in a pulpit or some other way God will use me. I would just like to say that I pray God continues to bless this ministry and take it to even greater heights. I recommend this site to EVERYONE who has a question about anything dealing with the Bible. Even some of the most outspoken skeptics I know have changed some of their views because of the content this site has. The gotquestions app is the most used (second to my Bible app of course) on my phone. I just want to thank all of the people at for letting the Holy Spirit work through them and give biblically sound answers to some very tough questions. All of you are doing what every Christian should thrive to do: teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, like in Nehemiah, there will be those who oppose what the people of God are trying to do. But "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." May God bless you all in everything you do and ask for."

"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at My generation is so skeptical and when I came to faith, I had a million questions. I spent 7 months in intense study answering the questions I had. The Lord led me to your site time and time again. If it wasn’t for, a lot of my questions would have been unanswered and they could have turned to doubts and that could have turned to unbelief. You helped me stay faithful and persevere. Thank you again so much. I have suggested your site to my pastors and I frequently direct people to your site. God bless you all and I look forward to meeting you all in eternity to thank you face to face."

"I just wanted to say thank you; not only for hosting the website, but for taking such a solid biblical stance on the topics. Most if not all of the answered questions have a very thorough response. I often use your site just to get another "Christian" perspective on questions of my own because I find your stance to be very solid and insightful. While not everyone may agree with the website’s answers, you have ensured that each answer has a solid root, which is the Bible. I appreciate that a lot. I have no doubt that God is indeed using the answers on your website to reach many people and give them insight into His word and point them in the right direction. Satan should definitely be worried about what you guys are accomplishing for God, so please remain diligent to His word so that your ministry can stay solid. Anyways, even thought you get dozens if not hundreds of emails a day, I wanted you to know that I’m thankful God is using your site in such an awesome way."

"Your site is awesome! As a long-time believer, I still have questions about all sorts of things and value being able to get trustworthy, thoughtful, supported answers every time I look something up. "Well done" to all of your writers!"

"Dear sir. My hat is sooooooo off to you. I am a 63 year old retired fella. I decided in my spare time (haha...its ALL spare time now) to write some questions to and see how they are answered. I just wrote "How do I keep from going to Hell?" Every question I asked was answered so so well on your website.....totally biblically accurate and very easy to understand. God Bless you LOADS for a job well done......What a tremendous way to get the gospel on internet. God Bless."

"Hello! As an atheist, it’s exceedingly rare to find a religious site as well done as your is (so far that I’ve read). All the points on atheists' philosophy are accurate. (At least the ones that I’ve read). In other words, I haven't seen any glaring straw men. Plus your arguments seem to have a touch of originality and honesty in them that is rare to see these days. There are many people and sites that are not only dishonest with themselves, but with their readers as as a result- yours doesn’t seem like that. It’s refreshing, and I just wanted to thank you for the read. Thank you for an interesting site!"

"I’d like to thank you for your website. I thought I was saved at the age of 15 (born and raised fundamental, independent, Baptist), but then I lived many, many years away from God, never attending church, and now I’m not sure if I was backsliden or just not saved. I’m leaning toward not really saved, I remember being so scared I was gonna be left behind if the rapture occurred. Well, last year I became strongly convicted. I asked the Lord to save me, and for the first time I can truly see there’s nothing more important in this world, than my salvation and my walk with Jesus!!! Praise God!! I don’t even think about being left behind, or about Hell, I’m just focused on learning about and knowing my Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m not playing games anymore! Now I’m on a mission to educate myself, and your website has been the most helpful of anything I’ve found on the internet for sound, biblical, truth. Thank you so much!!!"

"I am one of your several fans who frequently browse through to see what’s new. To tell you the truth, the Holy Spirit has led you and your writers into penning truth facts, wisdom, and knowledge that absolutely and correctly answer the hundreds of technical questions floating on the site. My prayer is that I will work out time to take a day off to fast and pray purposely for you so that you will be increased and replenished in all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Stay blessed."

"THANK YOU, and THANK YOUR TEAM for an awesome website and your courage to speak Truth! What a tremendous resource for people searching for God’s Truth. I can not even imagine the spiritual and cultural attacks you endure every day. Please know you are appreciated and I will pray for you all!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for your ministry. I have used your website many times to assist me in preparing my Sunday School lessons. I find it amazing how many times when I’m searching on a biblical topic that your web site is at the top of the search list. Actually, what I find most amazing is that after I have read several of the responses from other sites, that I come back to your site for the most succinct and easy to understand answer. May the Lord continue to bless your work."

"Good Day, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you so very much for your clearly Spirit-led, and wonderfully researched ministry/website. You have assisted me numerous times, specifically when my unsaved loved ones ask a poignant questions regarding Christianity and salvation and I’m subsequently stumped on how to answer. I encourage you in Jesus’ name to continue your hard work in spite of any and all adversity, which is surely inevitable especially in this time and age on earth. Your site has been a God-send and I felt led to tell you and thank you for the powerful way God has been using you and all involved. God bless you and your family. Sincerely from a very grateful sister in Christ!"

"Thank you so much for your ministry! There have been so many times I needed a Bible question answered, but I didn’t know who to turn to. Then I found GQ and it’s literally changed my life! Thank you so much and Praise God! Keep doing what you’re doing!"

"Just wanted to send a message of sincere thanks. I have been a Christian for many years but am always seeking & learning more. Your website has been so valuable to me. It gives such wonderful and clear explanations to the myriad of questions that I have. It has enabled me to study books of the Bible in more depth and also helps me when preparing my Sunday School lessons. I am so grateful for your website. Please keep up the good work."

"Thank you so so much for taking the time and effort and finances to make this website possible. It has helped me greatly with sound biblical teaching. As I pray for you may our great I AM continue to bless this ministry and all of your staff and their families. Again, thank you."

"I just wanted to say that your "Got Questions" website has been such a spiritually uplifting, informative, Bible-centered resource for me!! Keep up the good work."

"Hi, I’m a Romanian young man that currently lives in Italy ....I write this message to you because I want to let you know that about a year ago I started to read your site hoping that it could make me understand God ...and so it happened! God worked through your site in such a manner that today, I can happily say that I’m a new man, a born again Christian and that this to me is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened. I actually cannot describe in words how I feel but I’m sure you can understand! Anyway.....thank you all for the extraordinary work you do, I’m going to pray for you. Amen."

"I just wanted you to know the information, questions and answers of your website have been so helpful to many people on "this side" of the computer! As I read the scriptures, I often come back to for a fuller understanding of "what does this mean?". As a newer Christian, I wanted to write you to thank you for the way your site has turned around my life and many others I know who also are new and mature Christians. Sometimes we seem to doubt our own wisdom and look to others to confirm it. Your writers have a wonderful way of explaining, confirming and leading people to Christ. So, THANK YOU for your website’s support and in-depth information. God Bless You!!!"

"Thank you for helping us understand God’s Word. My husband and I are 72 years of age, and were of a Catholic background, until we were saved by Christ in 1995 and 1997. You have no idea how much we have learned and come to understand God’s Word through this ministry."

"I just want to take a moment to thank you and all those who contributed to Got Questions. The website has been and continues to be a valuable tool for me personally as well as those I come into contact with. It is so nice to type in a keyword or phrase and have a database of biblically sound information at my fingertips! I thank God for the technology to be able to reach people outside my home, though I’m just an individual who loves Jesus and His holy Word. Currently I am unable to support your ministry financially, but you have my continued prayers. May God continue to richly bless you and all associates for the wonderful work you have!"

"Just felt compelled today to drop you a note to encourage the progress of your ministry for the kingdom. I am a pastor and I am frequently giving your website out to people as one of the best resources for the everyday follower of Jesus to help them as they process through questions they have about their faith. What I love about your site is that it stays extremely close to the Word, doesn’t speculate and errs on the safe to conservative side of any issue. I know when I give your site information out, I can trust it will not send people in the wrong direction. Thanks."

"How Got Questions has changed my life: As a Christian, I have benefited way too much from your ministry. For the first time, I have never had any question gone unanswered. It gives me a lot of courage and strength to keep on doing what God expects me to do. There is a lot of information that has drastically changed my life for the better, ranging from the newsletters you send every Friday to the FAQs on the website, the content has really helped me. As one of my plans which I will achieve, I always pray to God to help me make my first donation to the ministry. Thank you very much. I appreciate everything I get from you and I pray that God will always reward you for the work you are doing."

"I would just really like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your website, This website has been helping me through a tough season of my life, shining God’s Truth where I desperately needed it to be exposed and revealing the Hope of Jesus most of all. I cannot thank you enough! This is an amazing resource! I really appreciate it! For literally all of the questions I have typed in a google search, I have found biblical answers here - some containing new insight and a lot serve as strong, refreshing reminders. The question bank is full of so many relevant and pressing topics. This is so amazing. Thank you so much again! God Bless you!"

"I just want to tell you what a valuable and wonderful ministry your website is. I had been looking for something like this and did not know it was available, until recently. I have shared it with believers and unbelievers. Most people want to know what the Bible says about their question in a 'brief' answer rather than reading a lengthy thing. I don’t have easy access to a pastor to ask some of my questions, so, I feel like your ministry is my personal 24/7 pastor. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I am going to partner financially and prayerfully with your ministry. May God bless the hands of your work."

"I am a new Christian, and use your site very often. Whenever I come across a teaching that I am unsure about, or come into contact with a teacher who I believe is teaching a false message, the first thing I do is come to your site if I am unable to immediately find the answer in Scripture. Literally, if I have a question, I Google the question, followed by "Got Questions" crossing my fingers that it has been addressed on your site. Your site is a great asset to any believer, at ANY level. Thank you, and I will be making a donation to support your wonderful site very soon! God Bless!"

"Hello. I am an associate pastor and seminary graduate. Your "got questions" website has been a great blessing to me. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate your ministry. Even as a theologically trained pastor, I often need a quick refresher on a certain aspect of a biblical doctrine, related passages, etc. I cannot tell you how often I reference your site while working on a lesson or sermon. Thank you so much for your ministry. I imagine it is reaching more people, in more ways, than you can probably imagine. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and your family. Thanks!"

"I’ve been a believer for about a year and still have so many questions. I’ve tried to use the internet as a way of researching those questions and have found plenty of sites that will give me many verses, but none of them have been good about an explanation to what the verse means. Your website has changed that for me. I’ve found so much information already and am so thankful. I get excited about not understanding a verse because it allows me the need to reference your site and learn so much more than just a simple explanation. It’s hard to put my thanks into words but I am so very grateful, as I am sure many Christians feel. If there is ever a way that I can help you spread the word please let me know. May God bless you in every way possible."

"I just want to say that I appreciate your website ministry. It has helped me to answer some of those complex questions that I’ve always thought about but never quite had the answers to. The answers provided are so simple and plain to understand. I thank God for the revelation that He has given to your staff in order to answer some of these really difficult questions. Only by being in His Word and receiving His Spirit have you all been able to articulate so plainly these mind-boggling questions about Him and His nature. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have recommended your website to several people, and pray that everyone who comes across it finds it as helpful in their search for biblical wisdom and knowledge as I do. God Bless You All!"

"I wanted to thank you for creating such an interesting and informational site. While I do no agree with all of your answers or interpretations, I have to say that I applaud you for taking the time to at least research the issues, concepts and ideas, of which you discuss. Although your site was not intended for this purpose, your research into non-Christian related topics is impeccable. For example, you give the best explanation of the Tao I have ever read, or the astrological signs, or horror movies, etc... keep up the good work!"

"I am a 20 year old father and husband serving in the U.S. Navy. But most of all I am a born again believer and child of God through Jesus Christ. I just want to let you know this ministry is a true blessing to me and helps build my faith of of biblical doctrine and not manmade traditions. Thank you for being obedient to Christ in this ministry and helping the elect in this effort. I truly love you and honor this work. Please stay close to God and stay the course. Thank you so so so much. I love Jesus! Please may God bless you."

"I’m sending you this email because I know God is totally using you to do greater works for His will to be done here in Earth. I stumbled across your website along with many other websites after searching for some answers to biblical questions. And without a doubt I knew that your website was totally created by God & led by the Holy Spirit. Every answer is followed by and lined up with Scripture. I highly recommend my friends and those I know who have biblical questions to your website because how can anyone ever argue or criticize the Word of God?

Every time I have had a biblical question and searched the internet, the Holy Spirit had led me to your website and I am never dissappointed, confused, or mislead. I’m always very pleased & confident after leaving because for every biblical question that I have, you have a answer, and the answer is always lined up with God’s Word, the Truth. And I always leave your website feeling very insightful and filled with the Word of God, knowing that The Holy Spirit led me to exactly what I was looking for and needed, just as he does when I’m reading the Holy Bible.

I give God all the glory and thank you and Him for using you to create a biblical question website that is such a blessing to many people like myself. It has helped me grow closer to the Lord, given me knowledge, and helped me understand things in my Christian journey. And more importantly it has inspired me to stay strong in the faith while going through spiritual warefare and hardship. I want to say thank you. I know even as pastors and whomever God has called to do His will, it isn’t always easy, so I also say to you be strong and of good courage in the faith and continue to do what God has called you to do. Keep up the good work ~ God’s Work!"

"I just want to thank you. Your site provided everything I wanted to know. The past weeks I have been doing a lot of research and some of it is extremely frightening. At times, I feel like I’ve lost my family. We dont go to church. I loved the feeling I had going as a child, but a bad experience left me running and never wanting to go back. Recently, I have doubted God’s existence. So I decided to do some research and came across your site. It brought me to tears. Every answer I needed, you had it right there, it was as if I was directed to your site. It gave me that feeling I once had as a child. I can’t thank you enough. I now feel I have enough knowledge to make others and my family believe when I’m asked. I just really wanted you to know how much this meant to me and how I’ll never lose my faith ever again. All because of your site."

"I want to just take a moment and thank you for this website. You have no idea how you have helped me with my walk. I have gone to your site for all kinds of questions. God bless you and your staff for the work and time you take to make this site the way it is. May God give you strength to continue to do this and even more if possible. Again, thank you."

"Thank you for the time your organization took in compiling all this information. It is so helpful and easy to use. And it is wonderful to see the light reaching out to those whom seek, knock and search for answers."

"Over the course of this year I have used GotQuestions many times. Not only that, I’ve recommended GotQuestions many times to family, to congregants, to other pastors. It is wonderful to have a trusted resource at ones fingertips when you need an answer in a hurry. I realise that it must take a team to do all the work that you guys have done. Please pass on my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all."

"I discovered the Got Questions website a while back, when I Googled a biblical question. I have since done a little research, because I tend to question and/or be skeptical of almost everything I read, see, hear, etc. So far, the answers given on your site, have been spot on accurate. What I appreciate equally, is the way the answers are given. The staff are obviously laboring out of love. I received a free bumper sticker, and just put it on my vehicle, and prayed that it would lead others to Christ. I was already a believer in Christ, before finding your site, but I am hoping the sticker will help someone. Anyone. I am the introvert that is described in one of the articles. I am hoping to become better at spreading the good news. Too often I have seen people do it in a negative way, which makes me even more shy about it. If I’m going to tell people about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, I want to do it in a positive way, without anger or defensiveness. Your website has allowed me to post links to my Facebook, have rational conversations with people, and has grown my relationship with my Savior. It has helped me be a better Mom too. I am merely writing to say thank you. I suppose I went about it in a lengthy fashion. But thank you all, nonetheless."

"I stumbled upon your website by accident. I was looking up fleecing the Lord. I am usually so skeptical about such websites. I must say, I could feel an anointing as soon as I began reading. Naturally once you feel the Holy Ghost stirring within you want to know why, so I kept digging and I kept reading. I just wanted to say, thank you so very much. In a world full of confusion and darkness, you have stood up in the midst of that darkness to be a light and it has brought me to tears that others who do no know truth can see by that light. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to truth. Blessings to all!"

"Dear brothers and sisters, First of all, I’d like to tell you how much your site has meant to me in my Christian walk. Your articles have strengthened my faith so much and have played a part in enabling me to be bold in my faith and share Christ with others. Explanations about the genealogy of Jesus, the harmonization of the resurrection accounts, the (supposed) two creation accounts, and others have done a lot to remove doubt and convince me that what I experience with God is real and based on reason. I am very involved with evangelism and discipleship now, and, unless God had provided another way, I may not have even been a Christian today without you.

I have created my own fliers that I hand out to engage people in spiritual conversations that have a few resources (apologetics, discipleship, etc.) on the back, and you are one of them. Also, when I’m sharing Christ and someone says that they used to be in the church but don’t believe the Bible now (or a number of other responses), I assure them that the Christian faith is reasonable and incredibly important to understand and, if I don’t have time to answer their questions myself, point them to your website (and pray).

Thank you for your dedication to our Lord and to His truth."

"I know that you probably deal with a lot day to day. I just want to tell you what a blessing it has been that Jesus led me to your website. It has seen me through a number of issues. It has helped me make decisions in my life that turned out very much for the best. Thank you so very much."

"I stumbled onto GotQuestions in a random web search, and since then I’ve been continually visiting the site and I cannot recommend this site enough! GotQuestions is a wonderful, encouraging, helpful and refreshing site that has encouraged me to grow in my faith and answered so many different questions. In fact some of your articles and answers to questions have been so helpful, I’ve printed them off to use for references. Thank you for being such an awesome ministry â€" may God richly bless you & all the team at GotQuestions!"

"Hi, about 7 years ago, I submitted a question to your website. The explanation made me realize I needed to really examine the Bible before I drew any conclusions about it. I don’t think I would've wanted to give the Bible another look if my question had been met with condescension. I have since accepted Christ and I’ll never forget the help I’ve received from your website. I’m grateful for the people you have contributing to it. Your website was instrumental in bringing me to repentance and it continues to help me grow and point others to Christ. May God bless your organization."

"Just wanted to let you know that I just found your site and typed in all the questions I could think of that I’ve been pondering recently. Thank you!!!!! The answers were very helpful and enlightening! I’m sure I’ll return again and again!"

"Praise God! I only wanted you to know that I truly appreciate all the hard effort that has gone into assembling your website. I often refer to it when reading the word or when witnessing to someone. You and your team have been a great help to me and I am quite sure others feel the same as I do. Know that you and your team have been used by the Lord to do a very good work in helping others with their own ministries. God bless you all!"

"I am writing to thank you for this great website. I have learned more reading your website then what l have learned in all the churches I have gone to. I thank God for this wonderful website and secondly you for creating such a wonderful learning tool. May God bless you and all your staff and I pray that you keep up the good work in Jesus’ name. Amen."

"I found your site yesterday and spent a lot of time reading different questions and answers. I just wanted to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you and others have put into this site. The prayer and the searching for biblical answers is very refreshing. As a matter of fact I have began telling others about your site because for people who are new Christians or for people who think they know God and salvation but really don’t this should be a big help. Thanks again and I will place this site in my prayers in order to keep it going and honest."

"I have to thank you people for this powerful ministry that helped me understand sooo many questions rolling through my head. Just want to encourage you to never give up this amazing web site!! .............. You guys ROCK!"

"I wanted to tell you how much I love your website. My pastor directed me to an article on your site about whether God is male or female. Someone had told me that since men and women are made in God’s image, God is neither male nor female, but our human minds can’t grasp that, so we assign God a male identity. I asked my pastor if he agreed with that and along with his answer he included a link in his email to an article on your site. Since reading that article, I have just been clicking on random page and reading various questions and answers. What a great site! (I told my pastor too how much I like the website.) I am a born again Christian, but rather immature in my faith, and I am finding your site very informative and helpful. Thank you very much for your ministry."

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the clear and concise format of the answers to some of the everyday questions I have had to deal with in ministry. I love having your website as a resource which I can refer others to when I am asked about a particular subject rather then doing a pile of research myself. It has been great in that it explains things in terms that most lay people have understood and it provides solid truths that I can bring in to discussion with others. Frequently, the only time people respond to websites is with complaints, so I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along blessings!"

"I thought you guys would want to know that 7 years ago, I experienced a total change of heart and mind toward God and immediately had an insatiable hunger to know more about God. I found through Google and I must have read everything on the website. I mention this because it was through this website I first understood what it meant for Jesus to die on the cross and be raised from the dead. I finally understood what I had heard all of my life: that Jesus is God and that He died for my sins. The light finally came on through your website. Many other questions were answered during that time through the site, but that one in particular was the one I still remember reading to this day. I can’t thank you enough for that."

"I have been a believer in Jesus Christ for just over a year. Before the Lord saved me I used gotquestions for probably a year or two to answer the many questions I had. I still use your site occasionally and can see how biblically sound it is. I thank God for your ministry and pray He blesses it greatly. God bless all involved with gotquestions!"

"This is an absolutely brilliant website. I have been using it for the past year and have been absolutely blessed by it. I am naturally an inquisitive person and have so many questions and this website has been like sweet honey to my soul! Thank you so much for taking the time out to produce such a wonderful service that is blessing so many people, especially myself! Thank you and your team for the time taken to search the scriptures and write the answers in a way that is understandable! Thank you thank you thank you! May God bless you and your team richly!!!"

"Hello, I kind of stumbled on your web page on the internet. I forgot what I was researching but at the same time I had been wanting an online type of Bible study with a site that I could trust that would take me straight to God’s Word. I am happy to say that I LOVE your site - it answers SO MANY of my questions and not from man’s point of view but it takes me directly to the scripture that I need to read so I can see it for myself. It has MANY interesting topics and I am a reader so it really keeps me interested. I am extremely happy for finding your site. So today I wanted my husband to see it so I figured that I would copy and paste part of something I had read onto my facebook page, then I see it had a link to your own fb page that i could "LIKE". I did Like it and also shared the page on my husband’s Facebook wall. (He and I had been having problems about if we are told to pay tithes) - needless to say - I got the answer that I needed from reading about paying tithes - on your website. This site has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my walk with Christ - I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put in the labor for creating such a page because I had MANY questions. I am reading what you post daily now. Thank you and God Bless You ALL!"

"I wanted to thank you and the team for creating this website. I am a struggling Christian who deals with the homosexuality issue. I was raised in a Christian home but in my 20s turned my back on the Lord and fell away, going head first into the gay lifestyle. It was a couple years of booze, drugs, and utter self-hatred. Many times I wanted to kill myself and a few times I attempted it. When I hit my rock bottom I finally turned my face back to God and asked if He would lift me out of my own personal hell and save me. And He did. Slowly over the last 7 years God has begun to work on my life from the inside out. I still struggle with the homosexuality issue and it was in looking for clarity on the subject that I found your website (I was wondering what the Bible said on bitterness and your site popped up).

Since then I have used your site to understand the Bible and my role in God’s plan for my life. I have always felt that because of what I deal with that God loves me but more in a sense of how you love a difficult and unwanted family member. Today I read that nothing can unmake me a child of God and that He will be with me in all things...and now as I type this I am crying because He loves me and will keep me close to Him and even though I don’t understand where He is taking me. I have really been trying to deal with the gay issue and that’s causing me a lot of depression and hurt and anger in the last couple of years but I know that Jesus will be at my side and that one day I will be free. Thank you to you and your team for the insightful clear ways you present the Scriptures and issues without compromising what God had said. I will continue to use your site to study the word (I find reading the Bible confusing sometimes). Thank you and I hope God uses you to impact more people like me."

"Hey! So I never contacted anybody on this site, but your website was a contributing factor in my salvation 3 years ago. I thought I would share that. My pastor spoke today about the testimony of believers and I realized I never contacted anyone to thank them for this website and the service and people behind it. So thank you! I’m now in Bible College. A BIG Thank you!"

"Dear Got Q’s, Your website has been a continual blessing to me since I first discovered it. It helps me sort through and understand better the difficult biblical doctrines and words used in the Bible. So, it is I who thanks you and looks forward to many more years of continued insight and edification. I also pass along some of the answered questions, both in printed form and through emails. Your site is one of my most cherished finds on the web for which I thank God and pray many blessings to you."

"Thank you for creating your wonderful website! My husband and I are Christians but still have a lot of questions that we are concerned about. We have considered speaking to our pastor, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I was looking at your website today and found answers to most of our questions! It has brought joy to my heart and cleared up some confusing issues regarding salvation and other important issues. I plan to look up other questions and my husband also plans to look at the website tonight. Thank you again and may God richly bless your ministry!"

"Your website is extremely informative. I just finished reading some blogs from people who presume to know what the Bible teaches. All of these people just spoke a bunch of nonsense and used their own opinions to try and get their point across. It is nice to see a website that is backed up with Bible teachings. I have spent an enormous amount of time reading the information on your site. I absolutely love it and keep up the awesome work. I have done a lot of research by google searches, but everything is almost always biased opinions. Your website teaches people as close to the truth as I have seen, and you make it very clear that you are teaching what the Bible says rather than basing it on your opinions. Thank you! God bless you!"

"God Bless you all for providing me with so many answers! I personally would like to thank everyone at the Gotquestions organization who put out the effort to spread knowledge for us Christians, as well as non-beleivers. I’ve had many doubts and questions, but through praying and the answers I recieve from you guys, I have never felt closer to God before in my life. Although some questions are un-answered simply because our God is higher than our thinking, I will continue to put my faith in Him always. Because He’s too good. So once again, thank you Gotquestions for all you do. To the whole staff, God bless you, and to the president God bless you as well! Peace!"

"My friend, who is fairly young in his faith, wanted to be able to answer questions people had been giving him about God’s existence. He prayed that God would show him a website that would give him answers, but he couldn’t find one when he searched for it on Google. The next day, he prayed again that God would show him how to answer for his faith, then as he went to type in 'go' for 'Google" his computer glitched and brought him to '' where he found the resources he needed. He had never been to or even heard of the website before! Praise God, and thank you for your website. God Bless."

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