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Questions about False Doctrine (All)

What is false doctrine?

What is apostasy and how can I recognize it?

What is heterodoxy? What does it mean for something to be heterodox?

What is the definition of heresy?

What is Arianism?

What is Semi-Arianism?

What is Liberation Theology?

What is open theism?

What is "The Secret"? What is the law of attraction?

What is Sabellianism?

What is Dynamic Monarchianism?

What is modalism / Modalistic Monarchianism?

What is Patripassianism?

What is Docetism?

What is Apollinarianism?

What is monophysitism? What is Eutychianism?

What is Nestorianism? Who were the Nestorians?

What is Ebionism?

What is neo-orthodoxy?

What is deism? What do deists believe?

What is the Jesus Seminar?

Is being slain in the Spirit biblical?

What does the Bible say about prosperity teaching?

What is the Synoptic Problem?

What is the JEDP Theory?

What is the documentary hypothesis?

What is the Preterist view of the end times?

What is theistic evolution?

What is baptism for the dead?

What is consubstantiation?

Is Jesus Michael the Archangel?

What is polytheism?

What is pantheism?

What is panentheism?

What is pandeism?

What is panendeism?

What is atheism?

What is agnosticism?

What is dualism?

What is monism?

What are the beliefs of Jesus only / oneness Pentecostals?

What is process theology?

What is replacement theology?

What are redaction criticism and higher criticism?

Is annihilationism biblical?

Is universalism / universal salvation biblical?

Is the Word of Faith movement biblical?

What is kingdom now teaching?

What is dominion theology / theonomy / Christian reconstructionism?

What is your view of liberal Christian theology?

What is Pelagianism?

What is semi-Pelagianism?

What is ultra-dispensationalism?

What is Montanism?

What is post-modern Christianity?

What is moral relativism?

What is cultural relativism?

What is secular humanism?

Deconstructionism - is it a valid way to interpret the Bible?

What is the Toronto blessing?

What is henotheism?

What is the Swoon Theory? Did Jesus survive the crucifixion?

What is the Latter Rain Movement?

What is Joel’s Army?

What is contemplative spirituality?

What is contemplative prayer?

What is soaking prayer?

What is British Israelism and is it biblical?

What is Serpent Seed doctrine?

What is Landmarkism? What is "Baptist Bride" theology?

What is Lectio Divina?

What is the Restoration movement?

What is Restorationism?

Is the “Conversations with God” series biblically sound?

What is Renovaré / the Renovare Bible?

What is the gospel of inclusion?

Is there any validity to the Zeitgeist movie?

What is holy laughter?

What is Pauline Christianity?

What is’s review of The Shack by William P. Young?

Is faith in God religulous?

What does the Bible mean when it says "The fool says in his heart, "˜There is no God'"?

What is moral government theology?

Are faith healers for real? Does a faith healer heal with the same power as Jesus?

What is Socinianism?

What is Monothelitism?

Who is the Queen of Heaven?

What is conditional security?

What is the Day of the Dead?

What is the Aquarian gospel?

What is collective salvation?

What is glossolalia?

What is Federal Vision Theology?

Is pleading the blood of Jesus biblical?

What is a Christian view of "A Course in Miracles"?

What is Mythicism?

Is the New Perspective on Paul biblical?

What is psychotheology?

Is the idea of mother nature biblical?

Is there any power in positive thinking?

Is the personal prophecy concept biblical?

What is the Hallucination Theory?

What is the spiritual formation movement?

What is Kinism?

What is ultimate reconciliation?

What is Sozo prayer?

What does the Bible say about telepathy or psycho-kinesis?

What is the Messianic secret?

What is transhumanism?

Are Jesus and Satan brothers?

Is "name it claim it" teaching biblical?

Is there power in positive confession?

What is the divine spark?

What is Christian dominionism?

Are Christians "little gods"?

Is being drunk in the Spirit a biblical experience?

Is there a heavenly mother?

What is the Shepherding Movement?

What is heavy shepherding?

What is Taizé worship, and is it biblical?

What is transcendentalism?

Should Christians seek after spiritual enlightenment?

What is the bridal paradigm, and is it biblical?

What are angelic humans? Is the idea of angelic humans biblical?

Is the idea of chi compatible with the Christian faith?

What is prophetic worship?

What is baptismal regeneration?

Is it possible for gold dust to come down during a church service?

What is New Monasticism?

What is holy magic hair?

What is Marcionism?

What is spiritual theology?

What is transcendental meditation?

What is irreligion?

What is a soul link? Can a soul be linked to another soul?

Are all prosperity preachers charlatans and/or false teachers?

What is spiritual metaphysics?

What is antitheism?

What are the esoteric keys to the Bible?

What is the first earth age? Is the concept of a first earth age biblical?

What is the Pistis Sophia?

What is adoptionism?

What is noetic science?

What is quietism?

What is metempsychosis?

What is the transmigration of souls?

What is ietsism, and what do ietsists believe?

What is Binitarianism? Is Binitarianism biblical?

What is retribution theology?

What is spiritual mapping?

What is the Demiurge?

What does the Bible say about eclecticism?

What is the seven mountain mandate, and is it biblical?

What is mindfulness? Should a Christian be involved in mindfulness?

What is Christian Devotional Meditation?

What is astrotheology?

What is seed faith? What is a seed faith offering?

What is the Cepher Bible?

What is prophetic ministry?

What is the Passion Translation of the Bible?

What are false apostles?

What is Unitarianism?

What is demythologization? Does the Bible need to be demythologized?

Is salvation by grace plus works a false gospel?

What is Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD)?

What is Christless Christianity?

What is kenoticism / kenotic theology?

What is the Pleroma?

What was the Pneumatomachian heresy / Macedonianism?

Who is Joel Osteen, and are his teachings biblical?

What is finite godism?

What is Jesuism?

How should Christians respond when someone claims to be Jesus reincarnated?

What is grave sucking / grave soaking / mantle grabbing?

What is the Caesar’s Messiah Conspiracy Theory?

What are angel numbers?

What is Christian pantheism?

What is the Omega Point?

What is omnism? What is an omnist?

What is miracle money, and is it biblical to seek it?

What is autotheism? What is an autotheist?

What is spiritual development?

What is apocatastasis, and is it biblical?

Does the concept of mind over matter explain some of the miracles of the Bible?

What is ditheism? What is bitheism?

What is the open heaven concept?

What is the new anointing?

Can we speak things into existence?

What does the Bible say about false prophets?

What is the baptism of love?

Who was Valentinus? What was Valentinianism?

What are the courts of heaven?

What does it mean to decree and declare?

What is ignosticism? What is an ignostic?

Who were the Paulicians?

What is the Mirror Bible/Mirror Word?

What is nontrinitarianism?

What is shifting / reality shifting?

What is Oneness doctrine?

What is atavism?

What is the mushroom Jesus theory?

What is death of God theology?

What is ultra-universalism?

What is the Cosmic Christ / Universal Christ?

Why are there so many Trinitarian heresies?

What is egg theory?

What does it mean to manifest something? What is manifesting?

What is the Sparkle Creed?

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Questions about False Doctrine (All)

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