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What is noetic science?

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Noetic science is a branch of parapsychology concerned with the power and source of human intelligence, including how thoughts cause physical effects. “Noetic” refers to the mind and how human beings utilize intellect. It is often used as a term describing the source of intellect, particularly on a fundamental or metaphysical level. For this reason, the word noetic is often used in contexts that have little or nothing to do with noetic science. “Noetics,” in a philosophical context, refers to a branch of metaphysics. “Noetic science” refers to the parapsychological category.

Groups focusing on noetic science are interested in topics such as telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, and self-healing. Despite claims to the contrary, most of these topics have been exhaustively studied and found to be fictional by multiple scientific means. This classifies noetic science as pseudoscience at best, and science fiction at worst.

The continued popularity of superstitions such as noetic science is well explained by passages such as 2 Timothy 4:3. Rather than admitting to spiritual and physical truths, people have a bad habit of looking for a “teacher” to tell them what they wanted to hear in the first place. Rather than seeking truth, they seek validation (Romans 1:20). While not explicitly connected to any particular anti-Christian ideas, the claims of noetic science are neither wise nor helpful (1 Corinthians 6:12; 1 Timothy 4:7) and shouldn’t be a part of a Christian’s worldview.

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What is noetic science?
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