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Who can be Saved

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For God so loved . . .

Who can be saved?

Can God save me?

Can a person believe in some sense but not be saved?

What does the Bible say about household salvation?

Do mentally challenged people go to heaven?

Why do some people not turn to God until later in life?

What does the Bible say about a death bed conversion?

Will there be a second chance for salvation after death?

Do babies and children go to heaven when they die?


What is the Book of Life?

Is there a difference between the Book of Life and the Lamb's Book of Life?

Just how narrow is the narrow gate?

Why did God make salvation such a narrow path?


What happens to babies and young children when they die? Where do I find the age of accountability in the Bible?

How young can you be to ask Jesus to be your Savior? Can a 3 or 4 year old truly believe?

Can a child who is conceived out of wedlock be saved?

What does the Bible say about the evangelization of children?

Other Times and Places

What happens to people who never have a chance to hear about Jesus? Will God condemn a person who has never heard about Him?

How were people saved before Jesus died for our sins?

Why did God require animal sacrifices in the Old Testament?

What is progressive revelation as it relates to salvation?

Why did the sacrificial system require a blood sacrifice?

What was the Old Testament way of salvation?

Did Old Testament believers have eternal security?

Why were there times in the Old Testament when God forgave people who did not offer a sacrifice?

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