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The Truths of Salvation

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Faith and Works

Is salvation by faith alone, or by faith plus works?

How can you believe in salvation by faith alone when the only occurrence of "faith alone" in the Bible (James 2:24) says that salvation is not by faith alone?

Do we contribute anything to our own salvation?

What is the relationship of faith, works, and security in salvation?

How can salvation be not of works when faith is required? isn’t believing a work?

What is Lordship salvation?

Why is faith without works dead?

Why is salvation by works the predominantly held viewpoint?

What does it mean that good works are the result of salvation?

Why is justification by faith such an important doctrine?

Why did Jesus tell the rich young ruler he could be saved by obeying the commandments?

Faith and Belief

What does it mean to have faith in Jesus?

What does it mean to trust in Jesus?

What does it mean to believe in Jesus?

Faith vs. belief—what is the difference?

What does it mean to trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ?

Mercy and Grace

What does it mean that salvation is by grace through faith?

What does it mean to be saved by grace?

What is saving grace?

What is sovereign grace?

What is cheap grace?

What is free grace? What is Free Grace Theology?

What is the difference between mercy and grace?

How do God’s mercy and justice work together in salvation?

Forgiveness and Repentance

What is forgiveness?

What is the relationship between salvation and forgiveness?

Is there any sin that God will not forgive?

Do Christians have to keep asking for forgiveness for their sins?

Does God forgive big sins? Will God forgive a murderer?

Will God continue to forgive you if you commit the same sin over and over again?

What does it mean that our sins are washed away?

Will God forgive me?

What is the remission of sin?

What is repentance and is it necessary for salvation?

Is repentance a change of mind or a turning from sin?

How do we know that Jesus died for our past, present, and future sins?

If I struggle with a habitual sin, does that mean I am not saved?

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