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What should I look for in a Christian boyfriend?

What should I look for in a Christian girlfriend?

What does the Bible say about dating / courting?

What is the difference between dating and courting?


What does the Bible say about age differences in relationships?

Should a Christian use a dating service to find a spouse?

Is it wise for Christian teens to be dating?

How young is too young to be in a romantic relationship?

Should Christians of different denominations date or marry?

What should I do if I cannot decide who I should be dating?

Is missionary dating a good idea? Can God use it?

How should a Christian view long-distance relationships?


Why is sexual purity so important?

What is an appropriate level of physical intimacy before marriage?

How far is too far?

Should a Christian wear a purity ring?

Is it wrong to have a crush on someone?

What does the Bible say about flirting?

What is purity culture?


Why is virginity so important in the Bible?

What does the Bible say about sex before marriage / premarital sex?

Does the Bible truly teach monogamy / monogamous relationships?

Is abstinence before marriage a realistic message?

Premarital sex - why are Christians so strongly against it?

Is it okay to have premarital sex if you know you are going to marry the person?

Is born again virginity possible?

Unbiblical Lifestyles

Is it wrong for a couple to live together before they are married?

Why is living together before marriage considered living in sin?

I have been living with an unbeliever for years. I recently came to faith in Christ. What should I do?

I am engaged to and living with an unbeliever. I am convicted about this. What should I do?

Is it wrong to have a relationship with a close relative?

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