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The Biblical Creation Account

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Why did God create the world / earth?

What is the biblical Creation story?

Why are there two different Creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1-2?

What does Creation "ex nihilo" mean?

Does Genesis chapter 1 literally mean 24 hour days?

Why did God say, "Let there be light," during creation?

Why does the Bible describe the moon as a light?

What was the firmament in the Bible?

What is the canopy theory?

Does the Bible teach geocentrism?

The Garden of Eden

What was the Garden of Eden like?

What is the location of the Garden of Eden?

What is the meaning of Pishon in the Bible?

Is Göbekli Tepe where the Garden of Eden was located?

Is the Adam and Eve story to be understood literally?

Questions about Adam and Eve

What language did Adam and Eve speak?

How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

The Fall

What is the meaning of the tree of life?

Why did God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden?

Why were there two trees in the Garden of Eden?

Why didn’t Adam and Eve find it strange that a serpent was talking to them?

Was Adam and Eve’s sin really about eating a piece of forbidden fruit?

Was the forbidden fruit an apple?

The Flood

How long did it take Noah to build the ark? How long was Noah on the ark?

What is the definition of antediluvian?

Was Noah’s flood global?

What was the purpose of the flood in the time of Noah?

How was the flood in the time of Noah just?

How can God be good if He drowned babies in Noah’s flood?

Had it ever rained before the Flood in Noah’s day?

How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark?

Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s ark?

Can the flood mentioned in Genesis be proven?

Would the discovery of Noah’s Ark be important?

When was Noah’s flood?

Are there really hundreds of flood legends giving credence to the Genesis flood?

The Tower of Babel

What happened at the Tower of Babel?

In what way was the earth divided in Peleg’s time?

Is the theory of Pangea possible? Does the Bible say that there was once a Pangea / Pangaea?

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