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Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons / navels?

Adam and Eve belly buttons

A navel or “belly button” (sometimes written as one word—bellybutton) is a scar formed by the umbilical cord that connects a baby in the womb to the placenta and therefore to the mother. The belly button, or umbilicus, marks the point where the umbilical cord had been attached to the unborn baby. After the baby is born, the umbilical cord is severed and detaches from the infant, leaving only a scar where the cord had been attached.

Adam and Eve, of course, did not go through the normal birthing process and were never unborn babies in a mother’s womb. Rather, Adam was formed from the dust of the earth (cf. Genesis 2:7) and Eve was formed from Adam’s rib (cf. Genesis 2:21–22). Both Adam and Eve were the product of God’s direct creative action.

Not ever being in a womb, Adam and Eve would never have needed umbilical cords. Never having an umbilical cord, Adam and Eve would not have been scarred by its detachment. So, we can say that Adam and Eve probably would not have had navels. God created our first parents without scars.

We say “probably” because Scripture has not told us whether Adam and Eve had belly buttons. But, on the evidence we have, it seems like a reasonable conclusion to draw. Adam and Eve were the only people in the history of the world not to have belly buttons.

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Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons / navels?
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