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Who is S. Michael Houdmann?

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Question: "Who is S. Michael Houdmann?"

S. Michael Houdmann is the Founder, President, and CEO of Got Questions Ministries, the parent ministry for GotQuestions.org. We rarely receive questions about S. Michael Houdmann, and that is a good thing. He does not want GotQuestions.org to be about him. He does not want people to accept or reject the answers given at GotQuestions.org because of name recognition. Rather, his hope is that people will accept or reject GotQuestions.org answers because they have read them, compared them with the Word of God, and prayed about them – and determined them to be true and biblical.

The following are the questions S. Michael Houdmann is most frequently asked.

What gave you the idea to start GotQuestions.org?

Ultimately, it was God’s idea. I had graduated from Calvary University and Calvary Theological Seminary (Kansas City, MO) and did not feel a clear calling from God into any of the traditional forms of ministry. So, my wife and I began praying, asking to give me a ministry that was a unique fit for me. We can’t remember whether God first gave the idea to me or my wife, but we felt the Lord leading us to create a Christian website where people could come and ask any question they have about the Bible. That was the beginning of GotQuestions.org.

When did you start GotQuestions.org?

God first gave us the idea in December of 2001. We tried a few other options before finally deciding to purchase the GotQuestions.org domain name in February of 2002.

What were things like in the beginning?

I would describe the beginning as “in way over our heads.” In the very beginning, I had no idea GotQuestions.org would ever be anything more than a hobby. I thought it would be something I did in addition to whatever other full-time ministry God called me to. God obviously had much bigger plans in mind for GotQuestions.org than I did.

What do you like best about being the CEO of GotQuestions.org?

I thank God every day that I get to serve Him doing something I absolutely love and enjoy. If I were to write a job description of my dream ministry, it would describe precisely what I am doing, except for perhaps less administrative work. I have always loved technology. I have always been able to express myself better in writing than in speaking. So, a ministry that allows me to write, edit, develop, research, and publish content is a perfect fit for me.

What do you like least about being the CEO of GotQuestions.org?

The Haters. There are some incredibly rude and demeaning people out there who will say nasty and hateful things about us. As much as I know such things are to be expected (Matthew 10:22; John 15:18), it still hurts sometimes. Whenever I am having a particularly tough day, a visit to our testimonials page always lifts my spirits.

How did you come to faith in Christ?

I came to faith in Christ in my late teens. An uncle who was a pastor came and visited our family for a week or so. While he was staying with us, he shared the Gospel with me and patiently answered all of the questions I asked him. While I am not 100% certain I came to faith in Christ at that time, he definitely planted seeds in my life. Several months later, after I had begun attending the youth group of a nearby church, the youth pastor clearly explained the Gospel. That night, I got down on my knees and received Jesus Christ as my Savior, by grace alone, through faith alone. From that moment I knew I had definitely received Jesus Christ as my Savior.

What is your education?

I received a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies from Calvary University and a Masters of Arts in Christian Theology from Calvary Theological Seminary. During college and seminary, I did not feel a clear calling from God into any of the traditional forms of ministry. So, the degree programs I chose were somewhat general. Looking back, they were the perfect programs to prepare me for answering questions at GotQuestions.org. They provided me with a strong foundation in understanding the Bible and Christian theology, and in knowing how to teach it to others.

Is the GotQuestions.org logo, the head-scratch guy, you?

No, it is not, But I get asked this question often enough that, on the next redesign of the site, we might just use the back of my head instead.

How can we pray for you?

What a great question! Thank you! Please pray that I would always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Pray that God would always give me the wisdom and discernment I need. Pray that I would be a good steward of the ministry He has entrusted to me. Pray that I would remain humble and would always give God the glory for what He accomplishes through GotQuestions.org.

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Who is S. Michael Houdmann?

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