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Who was Ahimaaz in the Bible?

Ahimaaz in the Bible audio

There are three men named Ahimaaz mentioned in the Bible, and all three lived around the same time.

The first Ahimaaz is mentioned in 1 Samuel 14:50 as the father of Saul’s wife Ahinoam. Nothing more is known about this historical figure.

The second Ahimaaz was the son of Zadok, the high priest during the time of Absalom’s rebellion against David. As David and his followers fled from Jerusalem in order to preserve their lives, the priests brought the Ark of the Covenant along. After a time David changed the plan, knowing the Ark belonged in Jerusalem. He ordered his priests Zadok and Abiathar, along with their sons, Ahimaaz and Jonathan, to take the Ark back to the city (2 Samuel 15:25). From there, Ahimaaz and Jonathan were to send word to David with any news from the palace (verse 36).

Some time later, Ahimaaz and Jonathan discovered that Absalom’s adviser, Ahithophel, was encouraging Absalom to attack David. Ahimaaz and Jonathan made ready to leave Jerusalem and warn King David, but a young man saw them and informed Absalom. Ahimaaz and Jonathan were forced to hide in the well of a man named Burium, whose wife covered the well and scattered grain over it to confuse their enemies (2 Samuel 17:18–19). The men were not found and were able to deliver their message to David, effectively saving the king and all who had followed him.

When Absalom was killed by Joab, the commander of David’s armies, Ahimaaz begged to bring the news to David (2 Samuel 18:19). Joab advised against it, knowing that David would not take the news well. Ahimaaz insisted, so Joab granted him leave. King David saw Ahimaaz coming from afar and said, “He’s a good man. . . . He comes with good news” (verse 27). However, after Ahimaaz told the king of the victory in battle, David inquired after Absalom. Ahimaaz lost his nerve and gave a vague answer about how confusing the battle was and that he did not know the specifics about Absalom (verse 29). Ahimaaz allowed another messenger to deliver the bad news of Absalom’s death.

The third Ahimaaz mentioned in Scripture was associated with David’s son Solomon, who succeeded his father’s throne. This man married Solomon’s daughter Basemath and was appointed one of King Solomon’s governors who supplied provisions for the king’s household (see 1 Kings 4:17–15). This is the only time this Ahimaaz appears in the Bible.

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Who was Ahimaaz in the Bible?
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