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Questions about Joshua

Book of Joshua - Bible Survey

What should we learn from the life of Joshua?

Has Israelís territory ever encompassed the promise in Joshua 1:4?

Does Godís promise to Joshua and Israel in Joshua 1:9 apply to us?

Why did the Israelite spies visit the house of Rahab the prostitute?

What should we learn from the life of Rahab?

What was the significance of the Jordan crossing?

Who was the commander of the army of the LORD in Joshua 5:14?

What should we learn from the walls of Jericho falling down?

Why did Joshua curse Jericho in Joshua 6:26?

Why did God judge the sin of Achan so severely?

Who were the Gibeonites?

Why did God command the extermination of the Canaanites?

Is it true that the sun stood still?

Why did the Israelites take the Canaanites as slaves instead of destroying them as they were instructed?

Did the geographic positioning of the tribes fulfill Jacobís blessing?

Why was the altar in Joshua 22:10Ė34 such a big deal?

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Questions about Joshua