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Are the Ten Commandments taken from the forty-two precepts of Ma'at?

What is alchemy? Does the Bible mention alchemy?

Who was Huldah the prophetess in the Bible?

What is false doctrine?

What do I need to do to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant" when I arrive in heaven?

If Jesus was a Jew, why aren't Christians Jewish?

What is the Demiurge?

What is the definition of grace?

What is the spiritual gift of miracles?

Why did God say, “Let there be light,” during creation?

Who was Vashti in the Bible?

What does it mean that the wise man built his house upon a rock?

Are the teachings of Arnold Murray and Shepherd’s Chapel biblical?

What is the meaning of federal headship?

Does God hear my prayers?

What is the hand of Hamsa?

Was Satan an angel?

Does the Bible say anything about making a second marriage a success?

What are tarot cards? Are tarot cards evil?

What does the Bible say about saving for retirement?

Why is praying for others important?

How does the fact that there are gay/homosexual animals impact the idea that homosexuality is a sin?

When the Bible refers to men, mankind, brothers, etc., does it include women?

When did _______ live? What are the approximate dates of the lives of various Bible characters?

How does the sovereignty of God impact my everyday life?

What was olive oil a symbol of in the Bible?

What is spiritual mapping?

What does it mean that all things work together for good?

Is religious iconography considered idolatry? What is an icon?

What was the Counter-Reformation?

What does it mean to bind the strong man?

What is palingenesis?

What was/is the importance of the gates of Jerusalem?

What does it mean to be co-heirs/joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17)?

How can Jesus be God, when Numbers 23:19 says that God is not a man or a son of man?

What does the Bible say about daughters?

What does it mean to do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit (Philippians 2:3)?

What did Jesus mean when He described His followers as the salt of the earth?

What is evangelical theology?

What is vivification?

Is the Catholic Church the mother church?

What is the Shepherding Movement?

Is the book of Job a true story or a parable/allegory?

What is negative theology?

What is the Liberal Catholic Church?

What are the bodily discharges mentioned in Leviticus 15, and why did they make a person unclean?

Will we have free will in heaven?

What is retribution theology?

What is Donatism?

What is holy yoga?

What does the Bible say about lawlessness?

What is the end times timeline?

Is it possible to marry the wrong person?

If angels and demons can’t die, what is the point of their engaging in battle?

What is Catharism?

What does the Bible say about pansexuality / omnisexuality?

What is the Lord’s day?

What is the gospel of the kingdom?

Why are the numbers in Ezra so different from Nehemiah?

Is it possible for a person to be saved/forgiven after taking the mark of the beast?

How to fast—what does the Bible say?

What is Tartarus?

What is the difference between miracles and magic?

I have been living with an unbeliever for years. I recently came to faith in Christ. What should I do?

I am engaged to and living with an unbeliever. I am convicted about this. What should I do?

What is the Church of England?

If marriage is so difficult, why should I even consider it?

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Is Jesus the Messiah?

Was Jesus a rabbi?

Are there any conditions to answered prayer?

Why doesn't God heal everyone?

What are the definitions of some common theological terms?

What does the Bible mean when it says that we will receive a new heart?

Why are people irrational?

What is the Jedi religion / Jediism?

Is God man-made? Did man create the idea of God?

Who was Og king of Bashan?

What are the heavenly hosts?

Was Jesus being rude to Mary when He referred to her as “woman” in John 2:4?

What did Jesus mean when He said, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21, KJV)?

Why does the Bible describe the moon as a light?

Is Christian rock music appropriate?

Who was Naaman in the Bible?

What should we learn from the account of Paul and Silas?

Who was Cornelius in the Bible?

What should we learn from the account of Paul and Barnabas?

Does God have free will?

What does the Bible have to say about gay adoption?

Should a Christian take a vacation?

What is The Voice translation of the Bible?

What is a spiritual breakthrough?

What is spiritual bondage?

Who were the seven sons of Sceva?

What is the concept of Nirvana in Buddhism?

What is a millstone in the Bible?

What is the significance of the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem?

Are there pearly gates in heaven?

Did the Romans give Jesus 39 lashes?

What is the Moses model of church leadership?

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