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Why did God create mosquitoes?

GQkidz why did God create mosquitoes

When God created the world, He said it was good (Genesis 1:31). This amazing world was perfect; there was no sin, disease, crime, or suffering. In God’s perfect creation, the animals were given “every green plant for food” (verse 30). Mosquitoes were part of creation, but they were wholly vegetarian. There was no need for mosquitoes to bite humans or animals for blood.

The need for mosquitoes to prey on humans resulted from the Fall and the curse that followed. The world changed drastically with the entrance of sin. Mosquitoes have become a vector for several diseases, aiding the spread of malaria, yellow and dengue fever, encephalitis, zika, and many other maladies.

Why do mosquitoes bite? It’s interesting to note that not all mosquitoes bite people and animals. The male mosquito never consumes blood. It is only some females that need blood to aid them in egg production. All mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, and some entire species of mosquitoes—male and female—feed exclusively on plant juices.

Since mosquitoes didn’t prey on humans and other mammals before the Fall, how did they survive? It is thought that female mosquitoes used plant nectar (or other non-animal sources of protein) for nutrients before the flood. Many creation scientists speculate that the mosquitoes that require blood are the results of post-Fall mutations, brought about by the impact sin has had on the entire world.

The Bible says that all things were “very good” at creation, and that includes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes play an important part in various ecosystems. They are a valuable food source for fish and migratory birds. They also serve as pollinators for various plants, especially those with very small flowers. Scientists are split on how the wholesale eradication of mosquitoes would impact the ecosystem. Many think that eliminating mosquito-borne diseases would be worth risking a loss of some pollinators.

God created mosquitoes as part of His intricate design for a perfect world. Unfortunately, when mankind—God’s divinely appointed caretakers of the world—rebelled against their Creator, they plunged the whole world into a state of misery and decay. The discomfort and disease caused by mosquitoes are part of the “groaning” that all creation experiences (Romans 8:22). The good news is that Jesus is coming back to liberate creation from its bondage and reveal the glory of the children of God (verses 18–21). Jesus will fix our broken planet. There will be no more hunger, disease, or blood-sucking mosquitoes.

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Why did God create mosquitoes?
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