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How can I maintain a good attitude when I am hormonal?

412teens struggling with hormones

Hormones are natural substances produced in the body that regulate and influence the way that body grows and develops. At certain times in a person’s life, extra hormones are produced to facilitate growth spurts, such as during adolescence. At other times, hormone levels decrease, such as during and after menopause. Maintaining a good attitude when struggling with hormones has been difficult for everyone at some point in our lives.

Hormones, like any of our body’s natural substances, can affect us in both positive and negative ways. One negative aspect of a hormone imbalance is irritability and overly sensitive emotions. This imbalance is often considered to be a female problem, but men and boys are also affected by hormonal imbalances that may manifest as aggression or anger. Rather than simply excuse improper behavior, we should seek wisdom from God on the matter. What does God expect us to do when hormones are raging?

The Bible makes no allowances for physical conditions contributing to poor behavior. Commands are commands, whether we feel like obeying them or not. We are responsible for our actions, not our feelings. So an important step in maintaining a good attitude is to accept the responsibility for our actions, even when we suspect hormones play a role in how we feel. Admitting to God and to ourselves that we feel out of control can go a long way toward gaining control. Such honesty is also good practice in learning how to die to our flesh (Romans 6:6; 2 Corinthians 5:17). Choosing to do right while struggling with overpowering feelings can actually help us grow spiritually and develop self-control, which benefits us in every way.

In extreme cases of struggling with hormones, a visit to the doctor may be in order. Sometimes there are other factors at play that could signal a more serious problem. If a person recognizes that periodic hormone imbalances are creating tension and hurt feelings within the family or workplace, it may be time to restructure schedules to minimize personal interactions. When the cycle is at its worst point, it is better to stay away from people than risk hurting feelings and damaging relationships. The one struggling with hormones can warn those in close contact and apologize in advance, assuring them that normalcy will soon return. By warning those close to us, we are taking the responsibility for our own actions, rather than picking fights and blaming others.

Human beings are excuse factories, and, unfortunately, advances in medical knowledge have given us a storehouse full of biological ones. We can blame drunkenness on “disease,” adultery on an “addiction,” and hatefulness or aggression on “hormones.” God never accepts our excuses, so we shouldn’t, either. Sometimes obedience to Him is easy, and sometimes it is not, but our responsibility remains the same. Confessing our bad attitudes as sin (1 John 1:9), finding forgiveness (Micah 7:18), and asking for God’s strength to overcome (Romans 8:37) are always the right responses when struggling with hormones.

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How can I maintain a good attitude when I am struggling with hormones / hormonal?
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