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Who was Ambrose of Milan? What is Saint Ambrose of Milan most known for in church history?
What is the Seventh Day Baptist Church, and is it biblical? Is the Seventh Day Baptist Church connected to Seventh Day Adventism?
Catholic Questions - questions from Catholics and about Catholicism. An honest look at Catholic theology from a Biblical perspective.
What is the Pistis Sophia? Should the Gnostic gospels be included in the Bible? Why were the Gnostic gospels rejected by the early church?
Who are the doctors of the church? Who are the Four Latin Doctors? Who are the Three Holy Hierarchs?
Who was Saint Irenaeus of Lyons? What influence did Irenaeus of Lyons have on the early church? What did Irenaeus write Against Heresies?
What is the significance of Jacob’s well? Where is Jacob's well mentioned in the Bible?
What is the United Pentecostal Church (UPC, UPCI)? What is the origin of the United Pentecostal Church? Is the UPC a cult?
What happened at the Council of Constantinople? What doctrinal issues were discussed at the Council of Constantinople?
What are the Vedas? Are the Vedas essentially the Bible in Hinduism? What is contained in the Vedas?
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