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What does it mean that God is omniscient? Why is believing in God’s omniscience important?
Why does God ask questions if He is omniscient? Why does God ask questions He already knows the answer to?
Questions about God (All): Does God exist? What are God’s attributes? Why does God allow evil? Does God speak to us today?
What is finite godism? How is finite godism related to the theodicy discussion and/or process theology?
Does God really forget our sins? How could an omniscient God forget anything? doesn’t God know and remember everything?
What does it mean that God is a holy God? What is the holiness of God? What does it mean thag God is holy?
What is fatalism? What is a fatalist? What is determinism? Are we nothing but pawns forced to accept our fate?
What is theodicy? What is the meaning of the word theodicy? If God is good and all-powerful, why does He allow evil?
If God knew that Satan would rebel, why did He create him? Why didn’t God prevent Satan from rebelling?
Does God expect all of us to have children? Is it God’s desire for every human being to reproduce?
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