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What does Ezekiel 20:25 mean when God says, “I gave them statutes that were not good”? Why would God give the Israelites statutes that were not go...
What is the Pride of Jacob (Amos 8:7)? Why did God swear by the Pride of Jacob?
Does God use frustrations in life to awaken and/or punish us (Haggai 1:6, 9)? How do we know what God wants us to learn through life’s frustrations?
Why is wickedness portrayed as a woman in Zechariah 5:7-8? What is the meaning of the woman in the basket in Zechariah’s prophecy?
What is the latter and former rain in Hosea 6:3? What is the meaning of Hosea 6:1-3?
Who is the prince in Ezekiel 46? What is the role of the prince in connection to the temple in Ezekiel?
What does it mean to profane the covenant (Malachi 2:10)? What did the Prophet Malachi mean when he referred to profaning the covenant?
How do we bring blemished offerings to God (Malachi 1:8)? What would cause an offering to be considered blemished?
Is Zechariah 14:4 a prophecy about the second coming of Christ? Why is Jesus going to return at the Mount of Olives?
Is Hosea 11:1 a Messianic prophecy? Is “out of Egypt I called my son” a Messianic prophecy about Jesus?
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