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What is the sacred feminine?

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Question: "What is the sacred feminine?"

The “sacred feminine” is a religious movement that emphasizes femininity as being closer to divinity than masculinity. Those of the sacred feminine tradition worship feminine beauty and the power of sexual reproduction. The sacred feminine assumes that women, through the ability to bear children, are more “sacred” than men. Men can only experience the sacred feminine, spiritually, through sexual intercourse. Advocates of the sacred feminine viewpoint range from pseudo-Christians to radical feminists, goddess worshipers, and Wicca witches. Hints of the sacred feminine viewpoint can be seen in the Bible with the examples of ritual prostitution (Genesis 38:21-22; Hosea 4:14) and goddess worship (Jeremiah 44:17-25; 2 Kings 23:7). Other examples can be seen in the Easter fertility rituals and some aspects of Mariology.

In The Da Vinci Code, author Dan Brown repeatedly points to “the sacred feminine.” His unfounded and baseless theory is that Jesus’ mission was to father children through Mary Magdalene, thereby producing a “royal” bloodline. According to Brown, Mary Magdalene was the “holy grail” that carried Jesus’ blood, and Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ intended leader of the Christian church. It was the patriarchal disciples and early church that “demoted” Mary, denied the sacred feminine, and instituted a patriarchal caricature of Jesus’ intention for Christianity.

Neither Dan Brown’s imaginations nor the sacred feminine has any basis in the Bible. Jesus chose 12 male disciples, hardly the move of a man seeking to establish the sacred feminine. The New Testament is replete with examples of male leadership in the church (1 Timothy 2:11-14). Biblical Christianity has lifted women to equality and oneness in the Body of Christ (Galatians 3:28), while maintaining a distinction in roles. Yes, a woman receives glory through childbirth (1 Timothy 2:15), but the role and value of women is no more (or less) sacred than that of men. The “sacred feminine” is not sacred, nor does it accurately represent what the Bible describes as true femininity.

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What is the sacred feminine?

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