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Will babies and young children be taken in the Rapture?

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Question: "Will babies and young children be taken in the Rapture?"

The Bible does not specifically say what will happen to babies, infants, and children when the rapture occurs. This causes many Christians to worry that they will be taken in the rapture, and their young children will be left behind to face the terrible tribulation. Is this possible? No, we do not believe it is. As we explain our viewpoint, please understand that this is, at best, informed speculation. Again, the Bible does not specifically address this issue.

As a background, please read our article on the "age of accountability." It is our view that children who are under the age of accountability will be taken in the rapture. If a child has not reached the point that he/she can make a decision for or against Christ, we would hold that if he/she dies, he/she will be granted entrance into heaven. We also hold that this principle, based entirely on God’s mercy, applies to the rapture. Some propose that only the children of believers will be raptured. We disagree. If a child’s salvation while under the age of accountability is not based on the faith-status of his/her parents, neither is the child’s participation in the deliverance of the rapture. It is our belief, albeit not explicitly taught in Scripture, that all those under the age of accountability will be taken in the rapture.

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Will babies and young children be taken in the Rapture?

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