Questions about 2 Chronicles

Book of 2 Chronicles - Bible Survey

What is the purpose of First and Second Chronicles?

Who were the kings of Israel and Judah?

Who was Solomon in the Bible?

Why did Solomon worship at a high place?

Was it God’s desire for Israel to worship Him in a temple in Jerusalem?

Does 2 Chronicles 5:14 teach slaying in the Spirit?

Who was King Uzziah in the Bible?

What is the meaning of 2 Chronicles 7:14?

How did Elijah send a letter to King Jehoram, if Elijah had already been taken to heaven?

When and how was Israel conquered by the Assyrians?

What age was Jehoiachin when he began his reign?

Why did God sometimes judge the entire nation for the actions of its king?

When and how was Judah conquered by the Babylonians?

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Questions about 2 Chronicles

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