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Does God have a wife?

does God have a wife

No, God does not have a wife or consort. Some historians have attempted to support the position that the God of the Bible had a wife, and that the Old Testament was redacted to omit the idea, but the truth is there is no evidence to support such a stance. The most common assertion is that God and Asherah (a mother goddess found in ancient Semitic religions) were originally a couple in the religion of Israel, but, as time passed, Asherah was removed as God’s companion.

In looking at the Old Testament manuscripts, we find absolutely no evidence of manipulation that would delete Asherah as God’s wife; however, we do find plenty of evidence showing the opposite—that the God of the Bible never had a wife and never needed a wife. The Bible clearly presents marriage as something temporarily instituted by God for humankind alone.

The origins of marriage are found in Genesis 2: “The LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him’” (verse 18). From man, God formed woman as his mate and instituted marriage as the physical and spiritual union between husband and wife.

Unlike man, God has never been alone. Because God is a triune being consisting of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, He already has union with Himself and has always existed in a loving relationship. Therefore, there is no need for God to have a wife or companion.

Further, there is biblical evidence that speaks to the fact that, in the eternal state, marriage will become obsolete. When Jesus answered a hypothetical question from the Sadducees about marriage in the next life, Jesus said, “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage” (Matthew 22:30).

The pagan religions often portrayed their false gods as having wives, consorts, and love interests, but the One True God is unlike the “worthless idols” of paganism (see Jeremiah 2:11). There is no evidence to suggest that the God of the Bible has ever been portrayed as having a wife, and, moreover, the Scriptures demonstrate why God has no need of marriage and that marriage itself is something designed by God for human beings in this life alone.

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Does God have a wife?
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