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Entertainment and Worldview

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Should we, as Christians, watch television (TV)?

Is it wrong for a Christian to be a fan of superhero fiction?

How should a Christian view anime?

Should a Christian watch scary movies / horror movies?

How should Christians view Disney?

How should Christians react to The Golden Compass movie?

What is’s review of the Living Biblically TV series?

How should a Christian respond to Hollywood?

Is the musical Godspell biblically accurate?

Questions about "The Passion of the Christ" movie

Is the movie "The Passion of the Christ" biblically accurate?

Should Christian parents let their kids watch VeggieTales?


What does the Bible say about reading or writing fiction?

Should a Christian read romance novels?

Should a Christian read the Chronicles of Narnia series or see the movies?

What are the Christian themes in The Lord of the Rings?

What should be the Christian view of Harry Potter?

Is there any truth to the DaVinci code?

Is Paradise Lost by John Milton biblical?

What is The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan?

Is Jesus Calling a good book? Are there any doctrinal problems with Jesus Calling?


Should a Christian play video games?

Should a Christian play multi-player fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons?

Should a Christian play Pokémon? Should a Christian play Yu-Gi-Oh!?

What is the metaverse?


What does the Bible say about music?

When can music be considered "Christian music"?

Contemporary Christian music — is it honoring to God? Should it be used in church services?

Should a Christian listen to secular music?

Is Christian rock music appropriate?

Is Christian country music appropriate?

Is listening to Christian heavy metal music wrong?

Is Christian rap music appropriate?

What does the Bible say about chanting? Should a Christian chant?

What is deophobia? What does it mean to be deophobic?

Can backmasking hidden in a song be spiritually dangerous?


What does the Bible say about fun and entertainment?

Should a Christian have hobbies?

Should a Christian take a vacation?

What is the value in attending a Christian camp? Is the concept of Christian camping biblical?

How should a Christian view sports / athletics?

In what ways is the Christian life like the Olympics?

What does the Bible say about extreme fighting?

Is it wrong to participate in extreme sports?

How should a Christian view sportsmanship?

Social Gatherings

Should Christians go to nightclubs? Is clubbing a sin?

What does the Bible say about dancing? Should Christians dance?

Should Christians go to parties? What does the Bible say about partying?

Should a Christian have a bachelor / bachelorette party?

Art and Performance

What does the Bible say about art?

What should be the Christian perspective on nudity in art?

What is a mime? Does the Bible say anything about miming?

How should a Christian view comedy?

How are magicians / illusionists able to levitate / perform levitation tricks?

What does the Bible say about magic, magicians, illusionists?

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