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God in our Lives

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God’s Presence

What is the key to truly experiencing God?

Why are there times in my life when finding God is so difficult?

Why are there times when God seems silent / absent in a believer's life?

How can I recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

How can I see the hand of God moving in my life?

How can I know when God is telling me to do something?

How do I hear from God?

What is the key to hearing God’s voice?

How can we recognize the voice of God?

How can I know if I am hearing God, hearing Satan, or hearing my own thoughts?

What are Christian mystics?

What is a God moment?

Is it correct to refer to something as a “God thing”?

What is a divine appointment?

God’s Direction

How can I receive divine guidance?

Does the Bible say to follow your heart?

How can I know if the desires of my heart are from God?

How do I know which of God’s promises are for me?

How can I know what God’s plan is?

How can I know what God’s timing is?

How can I gain an eternal perspective on life?

How can I know God’s will for my life?

How can I discern the will of God?

How can I find my spiritual calling?

What are vision boards, and are they biblical?

How can I know what pleases God?

How can I please God?

Is the idea of a Kairos Moment / Kairos Circle biblical?

What does it mean to be called by God?

Does the Bible say to believe in yourself?

Should we trust our feelings?

Do Christians need a day of rest?

Dream and Visions

How did God use dreams and visions in the Bible?

Is God giving people in closed countries dreams and visions to bring them to faith in Christ?

What are prophetic dreams? Does God give prophetic dreams to people today?

What are some biblical examples of dream interpretation?

Christian dream interpretation? Are our dreams from God?

Does God still give visions to people today? Should believers expect visions to be a part of their Christian experience?

What does the Bible say about intuition?

What does the Bible say about precognition?

What is an epiphany?

What does the Bible say about premonitions?

What is an omen?

What is the spiritual significance to a déjà vu experience?


How can we discern counterfeit miracles?

What is the difference between miracles and magic?

Is raising the dead still possible today?

Why do so many people seek after signs and wonders?

What is the Shekinah glory?

What is a glory cloud? Is a glory cloud biblical?

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