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Apologetics in Christianity

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Does God exist?

Is there a God?

Is there any conclusive proof of God?

Is there an argument for the existence of God?

What are the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas?

What are the cosmological arguments for the existence of God?

What is the kalam cosmological argument for the existence of God?

What is the Moral argument for the existence of God?

What is the Ontological argument for the existence of God?

What is the Teleological argument for the existence of God?

What is the transcendental argument for the existence of God?

What is the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God?

Is God imaginary?

Is God man-made? Did man create the idea of God?

Is God dead?

What is death of God theology?


Did Jesus really exist? Is there any historical evidence of Jesus Christ?

Is Jesus real?

Is Jesus a myth? Is Jesus just a copy of the pagan gods of other ancient religions?

What is the quintilemma concerning Jesus Christ?

Why should I believe in Christ’s resurrection?

What is the importance of the empty tomb?

Did Nazareth exist during the life of Jesus?

The Bible

Does the Bible contain errors, contradictions, or discrepancies?

Is the Bible a fairy tale?

Did the Bible copy some of its stories from other religious myths and legends?

Did Moses copy the Law from the Code of Hammurabi?

Was some of Proverbs copied from the Instruction of Amenemope?

What is the curse of Jeconiah?

Is there misogyny in the Bible? What is a misogynist?

Is the Bible mind control?


Does the Bible call Christians to defend the faith / argue for the faith?

How can we prevent our young people from losing faith?

What is the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM)?

How important is Christian conduct to how the unbelieving world sees Christ?

Why are Christians so mean?

Why are there so many fake Christians?

Was Martin Luther anti-Semitic?

What is Jesus Camp?

Why are so many young people falling away from the faith?

What is deconversion? What does it mean to deconvert?

What is a pious fraud?

The Problem of Suffering

If God hates abortion, why does He allow miscarriages?

Why does God allow birth defects?

Why does God allow evil?

Why doesn't God heal everyone?

Is God a moral monster?

Why does God allow the innocent to suffer?

Why does God not seem to care about the millions of starving children in the world?

Why is abortion wrong when God sometimes commanded the death of people in the Bible?

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