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The Ministry of Jesus

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What does it mean that Jesus saves?

What does it mean that Jesus is the answer?

What does it mean that Jesus Christ conquered death?

What is the meaning of the blood of Christ?

If Jesus is our atonement, why did He die at Passover instead of the Day of Atonement?

What is the Passover Lamb? How is Jesus our Passover Lamb?

What does it mean that Jesus is our Redeemer?

On Earth

What was Jesus’ mission?

Why did God send Jesus?

Why was Jesus’ ministry so short?

What were the miracles of Jesus? What miracles did Jesus perform?

Why did Jesus command people to not tell others of the miracles He performed?

What is the significance of Jesus calming the storm?

What can we learn from Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000?

Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?

How many times did Jesus cleanse the temple? Why did He cleanse the temple?

Did Jesus baptize?

Does the Bible describe Jesus being worshiped?

How did the things Jesus said and did when He was alone get recorded in the Gospels?

Did Jesus ever travel to India?

Did Jesus break the Sabbath law?


Why did Jesus teach in parables?

What are some of the most famous sayings of Jesus?

What are the basics of Jesus’ teaching?

What did Jesus teach?

How many prophecies did Jesus fulfill?

Was Jesus a prophet?

Was Jesus a rabbi?

What does Jesus mean when He says, “Verily, verily” or “Truly, truly,” in the gospels?


Is Jesus in the Old Testament?

Where does the Old Testament predict the coming of Christ?

How can I identify messianic prophecies in the Old Testament?

Is the “The Suffering Servant” prophecy in Isaiah 53 about Jesus?

Where do the Hebrew Scriptures prophesy the death and resurrection of the Messiah?

Does the Old Testament truly predict a second advent of the Messiah?

Does the Bible teach that there would be two comings of the Messiah?

Did Jesus have a tattoo (Revelation 19:16)?


Where is Jesus now? Is Jesus in heaven?

What does it mean that Jesus is our Advocate?

What is the purpose of Jesus interceding for us in Heaven?

What does it mean that Jesus is our mediator?

Does Jesus pray for us?

What does it mean that Jesus is enough?

How should a Christian respond to people who claim, “I saw Jesus”?

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