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The Middle Ages

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How was the gospel preserved during the Middle Ages?

What were the Dark Ages?

What was the Holy Roman Empire?

What was the Carolingian Dynasty? What was its influence on church history?

What impact did Charlemagne have on church history?

What was the Merovingian Dynasty? What was its influence on church history?

What was the Investiture Controversy, and how did it impact Christianity?


What happened at the Council of Ephesus?

What was the significance of the Council of Chalcedon?

What were the Lateran Councils?

What happened at the Council of Constance?

The Catholic Church

Who are the doctors of the church?

Who was John Cassian? What is Cassianism?

Who was Benedict of Nursia? What is the Rule of Saint Benedict?

Who was Gregory the Great?

What is iconoclasm?

Who was Saint Francis of Assisi?

What was Unam Sanctum?

What was the Avignon Papacy / Babylonian Captivity of the Church?

Who was Catherine of Siena?

The Great Schism

What was the Great Schism?

What is the filioque clause / filioque controversy?

What is the Eastern Orthodox Church and what are the beliefs of Orthodox Christians?

What was the Byzantine Period?

Who was John of Damascus?


Who was Pelagius?

What is Nestorianism? Who were the Nestorians?

Who was Theodore of Mopsuestia?

What is Monothelitism?


What impact did Scholasticism have on church history?

What is scholastic theology?

Who was the Venerable Bede?

Who were Ratramnus and Radbertus?

Who was Anselm of Canterbury?

Who was Hildegard of Bingen?

Who was Peter Abelard?

Who was Peter Lombard?

Who was Albertus Magnus?

Who was Saint Thomas Aquinas?

What is the Summa Theologica?

Who was William of Ockham?

What impact did Duns Scotus have on the Christian faith?

What is neo-scholasticism? What is neo-Thomism?

The Crusades

What were the Christian crusades?

What was the Kingdom of Jerusalem?

Who were the Moors?

Who are the Hospitaller Knights?

Who were the Knights Templar?

Who was Bernard of Clairvaux?

What were the Children’s Crusades?

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