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Translations and Criticisms

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For a list of English translations, please see: What are the different English Bible versions?

Why are there so many Bible translations, and which is the best?

Why can't all Christians agree on one Bible?

What is the most accurate Bible translation?

What is a study Bible?

What is the Dake Bible?

What is the Scofield Reference Bible?

What is the Ryrie Study Bible?

Translation Methods

What is dynamic equivalence in Bible translation?

What is functional equivalence in Bible translation?

What is formal equivalence in Bible translation?

Should I use a paraphrase of the Bible?

Should Bible translations use gender-inclusive language?

When the Bible refers to men, mankind, brothers, etc., does it include women?

What is a red letter Bible?

When the Bible is translated into English, how do the translators decide what punctuation to use?

What are some English words that have changed in meaning since the translation of the KJV?

What is the KJV Only movement? Is the King James Version the only Bible we should use?

What is the meaning of by and by in the Bible?

Who was the King James that the King James Version of the Bible is named after?

What do LORD, GOD, Lord, God, etc., stand for in the Bible? Why are they used in place of God’s name?

What are the modern equivalents of biblical weights and measures?

Errant Translations

Is the New World Translation a valid version of the Bible?

What is the Thomas Jefferson Bible?

What is the Skeptics’ Annotated Bible?

What is the Queen James Bible?

What is the Green Bible?


What are redaction criticism and higher criticism?

Textual criticism - what is it?

What is form criticism?

What is source criticism?

What is historical criticism?

What is rhetorical criticism?

What is generic criticism?

What is ideological criticism?

What is narrative criticism?

What is the documentary hypothesis?

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