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Should a Christian go to a chiropractor?

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Question: "Should a Christian go to a chiropractor / seek chiropractic treatment?"

There is no biblical reason why Christians should not seek any kind of legal medical treatment available to them, including chiropractic treatment. The Bible exhorts us to take care of our bodies and to do what we can to stay healthy. If chiropractic treatment can aid in this, there is no reason why we shouldn’t see a chiropractor.

The Bible presents good health as a positive thing and something to be sought and appreciated. Common greetings in both the Old and New Testaments included wishes for good health and long life (1 Samuel 25:5-6; 3 John 1:2). Husbands are to love and care for their wives as they nurture and care for their own bodies (Ephesians 5:28). Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and, as such, are to be cared for and kept in good health (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Many people see chiropractic treatment as preferable to taking drugs—which can have negative side effects—and invasive procedures such as surgery. Others see chiropractic treatment as having dubious value and have concerns regarding the connections between chiropractors and practitioners of other “alternative” medical options. However, the goal of chiropractic care, namely, to keep the vertebrae loose and non-compacted, is almost universally accepted as having some medical value. Some have found relief/healing from chiropractors when all other medical options have failed.

As in all things, Christians should seek God’s wisdom and guidance regarding the type of medical treatment they choose for themselves and their families. God has promised to grant wisdom generously to His children (James 1:5).

Recommended Resource: Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook, Updated and Expanded by Donal O'Mathna, Ph.D. & Walt Larimore, M.D.

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Should a Christian go to a chiropractor / seek chiropractic treatment?

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