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Can angels reproduce?

can angels reproduce

Angels have been the subject of story, song, and folklore since time began. And, while angels are a reality—the Bible speaks of them often—much of what we imagine about them is total fiction. Angels have never been human, and humans do not become angels when they die. Angels are not fat babies with wings or beautiful women with an ethereal glow. Angels are spirit beings, created by God to serve Him and humanity (Hebrews 1:14). In the times the Bible describes their visits to earth, angels always appear as men (Daniel 9:21; Luke 1:26; Matthew 28:1–7). The Bible never describes a female angel. Some questions arise: is there a set number of angels? Is it possible for angels to reproduce?

The Bible never directly says whether angels reproduce, but Jesus touched on a related subject. When asked about human marriage in eternity, Jesus replied, “At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven” (Matthew 22:30). The fact that there is no marriage among angels has led some to believe that angels are “sexless” or genderless. Of course, if angels are genderless, then a safe assumption is that they do not reproduce—but that conclusion cannot be proved from the text. The fact that there is no marriage among angels does not necessarily mean there is no gender and no procreation. Angels do not marry, but we can’t make the leap from “no marriage” to “no gender” or “no reproduction,” however logical such a leap would seem.

One passage that might refer to the angels’ ability to reproduce is found in Genesis 6:1–4. Scholars have debated for centuries whether the “sons of God” mentioned here were angels. If they were, they might be identified with the fallen angels in Jude 1:6 who had left their primary purpose and defiled themselves, an act for which they were harshly judged. It could be that rebellious angelic spirits took on human form to the extent that they could engage in sexual union with human women and produce offspring who were only half-human. Some scholars speculate that this subhuman (or superhuman) race was the “mighty men of renown” referred to as Nephilim in Genesis 6:4. Because of the contamination of the human race, God sent the flood to annihilate them all (Genesis 6:5–7). However, since the Bible gives little detail about it, we can only speculate and should not base any doctrine on those speculations. Even if the Nephilim were the product of sinful angelic-human unions, it would not answer the question of whether angels reproduce with other angels to create new angels.

Angels who dwell in the presence of God live to serve and worship Him. The Bible never hints at the idea that angels reproduce or that they have any need to. As far as we know, angels do not die, so angelic reproduction is not necessary to continue the race of angelic beings. God created angels, He sustains them, and, if He desires more angels, He can create them.

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Can angels reproduce?
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