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Is there an angel named Raguel in the Bible?

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There is no angel named Raguel in the Bible. The idea of an angel named Raguel comes from the Book of Enoch and not from sacred Scripture.

Much of the content of the Book of Enoch deals with angelology and demonology. According to the mythology contained in the Book of Enoch, there are seven “angels who watch” (Enoch 20:1). The fourth one listed is “Raguel, one of the holy angels, who inflicts punishment on the world and the luminaries” (Enoch 20:4).

In Chapter 23 of the Book of Enoch, the writer claims to have traveled to “the extremities of the earth” (verse 1), where he sees a blazing, unending fire. When asked about the fire, “Raguel, one of the holy angels who were with me, answered, And said, This blazing fire, which thou beholdest running towards the west, is that of all the luminaries of heaven” (verses 4–5). The “luminaries” Raguel mentions are fallen angels who are being judged for their sin against God.

Based on Enoch 23, a mythology has built up around Raguel, giving him the title of archangel and attributing to him the power to mete out justice, establish fairness, and rein in the demons when necessary. The Roman Catholic Church had considered Raguel the patron of the sacrament of holy orders. However, since the Council of Rome in AD 745, during the time of Pope Zachary, the Catholic Church only recognizes three archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

The Bible gives scant information about the angels, elect or fallen. Besides Gabriel and Michael, we don’t know the names of any holy angels. God did not see fit to provide that information, so we don’t need to know. People have always enjoyed creating elaborate and complicated stories about spirit beings supposedly named Gadreel, Raphael, Phanuel, etc., but there is no reason to accept those stories as true. The only reliable information about angels and demons comes from the pages of inspired Scripture.

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Is there an angel named Raguel in the Bible?
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