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What is the Pure Word Bible?

Pure Word Bible
Question: "What is the Pure Word Bible?"

The Pure Word Bible (PWB) is a questionable version of the New Testament produced by One Path Publishing and Brent Miller, Sr. It is promoted by Prophecy Watchers, a group that focuses on biblical prophecy.

The publishers of the Pure Word Bible make several radical statements in the promotion of their New Testament. For example, this is from their official website: “There are over 450 English New Testament translations; all riddled with inaccuracies that never referenced the original Greek scriptures. The Pure Word research project was started to fix this problem.” Such a statement is full of hubris. Are we to believe that none of the other English translations of the Bible, in the past 500 years, were based on the original Greek? That all of them are “riddled with inaccuracies”? The claim that their translation is the only one that gets it right should raise red flags.

Also, the publishers of the Pure Word Bible describe it as “the world’s first and only hermeneutics-based monadic Greek to English translation,” one that “reveals the original Koine-Greek depths-of-meaning from the time of Christ using breakthroughs in monadic-based hermeneutics.” These statements are scholarly sounding gobbledygook. By “monadic” hermeneutics, they mean that they translated individual Greek words according to each word’s “single definitive meaning.” The result is an often expanded translation that supposedly provides a “deeper” insight:

“Because, God has Loved in such a manner the Satan’s world, so that He Gave His Son, the Only Begotten Risen Christ, in order that whoever is Continuously by his choice Committing for the Result and Purpose of Him, should not perish, but definitely should, by his choice, be Continuously Having Eternal Life” (John 3:16, PWB).

As can be seen in the above translation of John 3:16, the Pure Word Bible includes so much in the English text that it becomes difficult to read and understand. The words for “Satan,” “risen,” “Christ,” and “choice” do not occur in the Greek text. Including words like continuously to clarify the aspect of the Greek verbs might be helpful, but the translator is making interpretive choices that may not be correct. Translating the Greek word for “believes” as “committing for the result and purpose of Him” is a stretch to say the least. More could be said about the questionable translation choices in just this one verse.

Further, the “monadic” method of translation, used in the Pure Word Bible, is problematic because there is no “single definitive meaning” to most words, regardless of language.

The author of the Pure Word Bible contrasts the English language, which is imprecise, with Koine Greek, which is supposedly more precise, more decisive, and not at all ambiguous. In other words, God intended that every word of the Bible have a single, specific meaning “not open to personal interpretation.” The problem is that all languages are imprecise to a certain extent, and not every word can be confined to a single definition. Always translating a Greek word with the exact same English word will result in unclarity at best and outright mistakes at worst.

Credible Bible translations are the product of a committee of trained scholars. The Pure Word Bible is the work of one man, Brent Miller, Sr. The publishers make much of the “twenty years of research” Miller put into the Pure Word Bible, but none of his academic credentials are provided.

We recommend steering clear of the Pure Word Bible. There are much more accurate English Bible translations available.

Recommended Resource: How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions by Gordon D. Fee & Mark L. Strauss

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What is the Pure Word Bible?

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