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What is the value of attending a Christian university?

Christian university
Question: "What is the value of attending a Christian university?"

When seeking higher education, Christian students have many options, including enrolling in a Christian university. Attending a Christian university has many benefits and is an option that should be considered, especially given the leftist dogma and anti-Christian bias found on many public university campuses.

In a Christian university, the student will be immersed in a culture that holds the Bible in high regard and subscribes to a Christian worldview. The Christian milieu of the Christian university campus is the direct opposite of what is found on most public universities, which actively promote a secular worldview, political correctness, and liberal causes. Students will find wise counsel much more readily at a Christian university than at a secular university.

Attending a Christian university provides the Christian student with many good role models. Christian students should take care of whose teaching they choose to sit under. “Everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher” (Luke 6:40). In light of Jesus’ words, Christian professors and other faculty and staff are very important. Capable teachers are highly influential on their students, the teacher-student relationship involving as it does respect, modeling, and indoctrination. A godless professor who is antagonistic to Christian values cannot help but exert a godless influence over his class, just as a godly professor who loves Christ will exert a righteous influence over his class.

Attending a Christian university provides Christian students with many supports for their faith, including opportunities for attending chapel, hearing visiting speakers, meeting missionaries and other Christian workers, joining Christian clubs, and fellowshipping daily with other believing students. Young people, at a critical time in their intellectual and personal development, can benefit greatly from having a system in place that fosters faith and encourages Christian growth.

Many Christians choose to attend a Christian university based, in part, on the principle of good stewardship. Believers are to be responsible in their use of money (Luke 16:9–11). Higher education is quite expensive, and many believers figure that, if their money has to go somewhere, they might as well send it to a Christian school over a secular school, assuming they will receive a comparable education.

It is not God’s will that every Christian young person attend a Christian university, but for those seeking a quality liberal arts education within a culture that supports their faith, a Christian university is a good choice.

Recommended Resource: The Christian’s College Survival Guide: Maintaining Spiritual Strength in a Natural World by Cheryl Harris-Woods

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What is the value of attending a Christian university?

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