What does the Christian fish symbol mean (ixthus / icthus)?

Christian fish symbol
Question: "What does the Christian fish symbol mean (ixthus / icthus)?"

The Greek word for fish is "ixthus" or "icthus." The Christian fish symbol that many Christians place on their cars is known as the “ixthus.” Five Greek letters form the word “ixthus,” and those letters inside the fish form an acrostic which is a message that Christians clearly identified with. The first letter represented the word Jesus. The second letter represented the word Christ, the next two, God Son, and the final letter represented the word Savior. This adds up to “Jesus Christ is God’s Son, the Savior.”

During the early days of Christianity, Christians were often put to death for practicing their faith, so they worshiped in secret places. A fish painted on the outside door of a house let other Christians know that they would be safe and welcome inside. The Christian fish symbol is now often used to identify Christians and/or Christian businesses.

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What does the Christian fish symbol mean (ixthus / icthus)?

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