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What is Biblical Unitarianism?

Biblical Unitarianism audio

Biblical Unitarianism, contrary to its name, is not biblical. The problem is their false view of the nature of God and the person of Christ. Biblical Unitarians differ from other Unitarians (such as Unitarian Universalists) in their claim that the Bible is the source of truth—a doctrine that Universalists deny. The term Biblical Unitarianism can be traced back to the 1880s as distinctions were being made between Unitarians who held to biblical inspiration and those who did not. Biblical Unitarianism represents the more “conservative” branch of Unitarianism, since it has not jettisoned the Bible as a source of truth.

Many beliefs of Biblical Unitarians are in keeping with orthodox Christian beliefs. However, they depart from orthodoxy on one major point in regards to their doctrine of God. Biblical Unitarians deny the Trinity, teaching that God is one being (hence the word Unitarian in their name). Jesus, according to Biblical Unitarianism, is not the eternal Son of God; rather, He was created by God in the womb of Mary. Jesus was later exalted by God and given authority over creation, making Him like God, but He remains a finite, separate being with a beginning.

In denying the Trinity, Biblical Unitarians also have a false view of the Holy Spirit, whom they consider to be identical to the Father. Since God is “holy” and also a “spirit,” they reason, “Holy Spirit” is simply another name for God the Father.

Biblical Unitarian views of God are unbiblical because Scripture clearly teaches that the Son of God existed prior to all creation (John 1:1–5), that Jesus is truly God (Titus 2:13), and that the Holy Spirit is distinct from the Father (Matthew 28:19).

Denominations that fall under the category of Biblical Unitarianism include the Church of God General Conference (CoGGC) and the Christadelphians.

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What is Biblical Unitarianism?
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